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  1. Victas rubbers similar to rakza X

    Hello, I usually play Rakza X on FH and BH and i'm very happy with it but i got a new additional blade so i need 2 new rubbers and i'll buy 1 sheet of Rakza X but i'd like to use this occasion to try something else I'm thinking to take a Victas as i'm curious about it but i don't understand...
  2. Upgrading blade and what it means to be able to control

    It may be possible that it's a bit rushed as you have only been playing since one year (that's really not a lot for table tennis). Also you seem to not be so so consistent as you say : "I am able to do all the training drills at decent rate, but in games i always either rushing my shot or...
  3. World Cup Commentator

    He seems knowledgeable but he just asks way too much question to Lily Zhang, looks like they're on a date sometimes :)
  4. I got coached by Dimitrij Ovtcharov!

    What was exactly the idea behind "if you put the ball into the net', it's OK" ? (versus "if you put it out, you have no excuse). If anyone got it ?
  5. New OSP Virtuoso ALC blade

    OSP say they have adapted all their blade for plastic ball (seems that the virtuoso have been a bit adapted also). And the virtuoso AC should be plastic ball compatible
  6. New OSP Virtuoso ALC blade

    Hello, It may be a less kwown brand but i think some people here already use it ? OSP propose a new blade that seems to be a kind of innerforce ALC based on their current virtuoso model : Does...
  7. Switching soft rubber to hard ones

    The difference is not huge if you have the right level for it. I remember switching from rakza 7 soft to rakza 7 and at the time it was way too fast for me and bad for my game. A year or two later i tried it again and it was very OK. Now i forgot a bit what a soft rubber feel like but the...
  8. Actual spin and speed values of common shots?

    I'm also a bit suspicious of the number given during the match. It's like 9000 round per minute for a forehand topspin, it seems a lot but maybe
  9. I am 15 years old, what is the chance of becoming a professional?

    As everybody have said, being pro seems a difficult goal. But in TT you can play well even a bit old, so if you train seriously from now to your thirties, you can reach a very high level. But in my opinion the number of hours per week is very important and having a good coach also help a lot. I...
  10. Applegreen Allplay or Timo Boll ALC? (+ rubbers?)

    Russel, if you play in the Division 1 you can't be called a beginner. I would say an advanced intermediate player, whatever that means :) But for Nemo, if he played for 5 years, not sure at all he's good enough for a TB ALC. I see a lot of players that plays for 5 to 10 years and they are far...
  11. Something a bit harder than Rakza 7 for the FH?

    I play R7 on my BH and DNA M on my FH (after having played R7 on my FH) and it may be a good fit for you. DNA M is a bit harder than R7 and i really like it more for my FH as it has a more direct feelng and the control and consistency is quite good i think. On my BH i kept R7 as it's softer and...
  12. Very close-up photos: Butterfly ZJK ALC

    What is the blue on the wood, the arylate ? I would i thought that the carbon and AL are more a united thing and not this much distinct. Am i missing something ? Also on the above layer they seem to "adjacent" (one blue, one black, one blue) and on the layer under they seem to be more intricate
  13. Longevity of the rubbers?

    Ah ok :) I think if the bat is in a closed bag then it may stay unaltered a long time like a year. A few months ago i played a rakza 7 that was 1 or 2 years old and kept inside a case and it was playing pretty similarly but i bit harder i felt. The only problem was that i was sometimes a bit...
  14. Longevity of the rubbers?

    It depends mostly how much you play. I've often heard that the lifespan is 80h to 160h Some says that you need to change as much time a year as you play per week. Like if you play twice a week, change twice a year ; if you play three time a week, change three time during the year. But it also...
  15. Coronavirus impact on TT clubs

    Not an expert but really no need to worry this much.. And except if you're very old or have respiratory problems, it seems you don't risk a lot
  16. ITTF video quality ? Is there a reason ?

    I think it's just a question of time it takes. On one of Dan (TTD) vlog, we saw that it was just laptop that were streaming the video. Then editing might be quicker with lighter files. Finally uploading 40 videos per Open might take long on good quality as they maybe can only upload one at a...
  17. What Are Your Thoughts On The Stiga DNA Series?

    It's my second sheet of DNA M after 2 sheets of mantra S and i'm really happy with DNA M. I find the balance spin / speed / trajectory to be very good and i feel safe with. I would say that DNA is maybe less direct than mantra. It's hard to compare them concretely but if you play spin oriented...
  18. World Championship of Ping Pong 2020

    Watched the final on their FB page and it's quite nice :) It allows way longer rallies as they can't hit as hard, that seems very fun to play actually Also the filming is not done from way above but more from the side, i prefer it like that (and we stil see the sponsor on the barrers so..)
  19. What is the best Technology that a Table Tennis player of a coach can use?

    I have the thing in the second post and i liked it. It's not perfect but it's nice to do kind of shadow strokes but with a contact on a ball. For the price, i find it worth it, even if i haven't use it a lot (5 to 10 times)
  20. Who produces the best youtube coaching videos

    Interesting opinions about ERT, i mainly agree with what have been said so i have not much to add finally :) About the difference between western coach and asian coach, i find there is really a gap. I watch some Koreans videos (that's the most translated it seems) and it just a whole new level...