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  1. Tickets for Korea Open 2018

    I am wondering the same
  2. Win a FREE Rubber from! (Black-max thickness) I would like this rubber because it's a good alternative to tenergy and because my current one is dying. Also, I like the colour blue : )
  3. the old version of the blade butterfly Viscaria

    This blade doesn't seem real to me. The JTTA writing is too big, the wood pattern on the handle seems odd, and the grey line on the handle is missing (the first line should be grey). Although it could just be different because it's old. I don't know much about the old ones.
  4. Skybiz Sports

    I am also wondering the same.
  5. Where to buy equipment?

    Oh ok... Thanks for the info, Equipment Expert ;)
  6. Where to buy equipment?

    Yeah I should've specified. I am looking for a Hurricane 3 Neo anyway.
  7. Where to buy equipment?

    Thanks! However they do not carry Butterfly Viscarias and they only have red hurricanes. I prefer the black ones since it can produce more spin. Red rubbers have added chemicals that affect the rubber's grip a bit. To me that's a big deal, since it's gonna be on my forehand.
  8. Where to buy equipment?

    I have already been to those sites. For BTYAustralia, the prices are very similar to my local store prices (if I were to buy the butterfly products from that site and my dhs rubber from a local store compared to buying everything from my local store). And for affordablett, they do not carry the...
  9. Where to buy equipment?

    The store that I mentioned is an official ButterflyNZ shop. I also checked the Australian website, and the prices are similar. I guess this is the price of my region. About the regional thing, there are websites that carry genuine products, but still sell overseas right? Like megaspin...
  10. Where to buy equipment?

    I also prefer ordering everything from one site, otherwise the shipping cost might be a bit too much. I'm also a bit picky, and I like everything arriving at once. ;)
  11. Where to buy equipment?

    I should say that by cheap I guess I meant cheapest out of the whole "package" (e.g. shipping). I understand that there is a very high risk of purchasing a Butterfly product that is even a little bit discounted, so I should've said cheap shipping. I also should've said that in New Zealand, the...
  12. Where to buy equipment?

    No it is not my first custom made setup, and I can definitely use a carbon blade :P. I have tried a friend's Viscaria with the same rubbers (except for the fact that his hurricane was a boosted provincial orange sponge). I am happy with it so i decided to get a new blade. I can't afford to buy...
  13. Where to buy equipment?

    Hey guys, Can anyone please tell me about any cheap and reliable websites to order equipment from? I'm particularly looking for Butterfly (Tenergy and Viscaria) and DHS (Hurricane 3 Neo) Products. Also, please make sure that they can ship to NZ. :D Are these sites reliable? pingpongdepot...