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  1. Funny parody: TableTennisDan learns Backhand with Ovtcharov

    Ovtcharov teaches Dan a backhand but likes to attempt some down the line shots meanwhile...
  2. Technique advice for me

    Looking at your new FH TS video I have some thoughts on what you can improve: You are using much hip rotation, but not that much power from the ground. Try to "jump more" off the ground without actually jumping off the ground with your right leg. Your arm motion is long (almost a full arm...
  3. Can a commercial H3 Neo come close to a H3 blue sponge?

    As a player who always played commercial version: Do you actually notice a difference between the blue and the orange sponge or is it all placebo effect? How much better do you actually play with it in percent?
  4. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    11-9 Dima :)
  5. Which thickness of rubber would be a good fit for a beginner?

    Get a max thickness rubber and a slow blade. Rubber determines spin, blade gives control (speed, feeling).
  6. Paddles with vibrations

    If you are looking for a great feel blade that allows you to perform whip-topspins look into Vodak M.Horejsi ALC
  7. Defensive rubbers for beginners

    I suggest learing the standard technique first for a few months with two inverted rubbers, and then switch to long pips.
  8. Damn, I need a bandsaw.

    You don't even need a scalpel. Those small cutter knives (not by any table tennis brand, those are bad) that are made of metal do the job well and I don't even have to change the blade each cut, but every 10-20.
  9. Rubbers worn pattern for forehand and backhand, is it typical?

    I was just kidding. You are probably a two wing attacker
  10. Damn, I need a bandsaw.

    You don't need a bandsaw to get a good cut. Just grab a scalpel / very sharp knive, put some soap on it and cut it as one piece and don't let go. Also hold it straight. The trick to make it look even cleaner is to use two layers of very sticky edge tape and leave 0,5mm on each side of rubber...
  11. Alternative to Hurricane 3 Neo

    If you like H3 on BH btw, you will love H8-80 on BH.
  12. Where to play TT in Hong Kong?

    I will be visiting Hong Kong from 3. Apr to 17. Apr. near the Wan Chai district. I want to play table tennis with locals there. Does anyone know where / how I could find a place where this is possible?
  13. Aliexpress not shipping to Austria anymore, where to get chinese rubbers now?

    Aliexpress doesn't ship to Austria anymore, because of a new austrian law. Is there any place where I can still get Hurricane rubbers, preferably for about the same price? The places where I checked I would have to pay 35€ plus shipping for the commercial version.
  14. Looking for chinese local league video channels

    I only know this one: and YPP, which doesn't upload anymore. Do you know any other channels?
  15. Use of forearm

    Hello everyone. In this thread I want to discuss how the forearm should be incorporated in the forehand topspin, and how you use it. In my observations I think that the european technique focuses more on forearm usage than the chinese does. Would you agree? How do you use the forearm? Do you...
  16. LGY in real tough battle against Phakboom

    It would be interesting to understand what Liu Guoliang tells LGY at set break. I sadly can't translate chinese. The serve of Phakpoom is so satisfying, especially the followup backhand attack. At the youtube channel "Table Tennis Review" you could watch him play in 4k 60fps from a good side...
  17. Better training with music

    A 2010 study led by sport psychologist C.I. Karageorghis states that the effects of music can lead to “higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.” Do you think this applies to table tennis too, or would it harm the concentration and only distract?
  18. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    You can definitely feel the difference. I did an experiment to check if it is only psychologically. I did a slow multi ball topspin session with different 3 star balls and I could name the ball that was played by feeling most of the time . Try it out yourself with seamless balls, hard balls...
  19. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    Our club is currently using XuShaoFa balls for tournaments / league, but we are looking for a new ball, as they break too often. My current opinion on different balls: XuShaoFa balls play very well, but break often. Not that expensive. Butterfly balls are too hard IMO. Also not cheap. Nittaku...