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  1. Any players in NYC looking for people to play with!

    Hello guys I am very into table tennis but don’t really have people to play with the only time I get to play is on Saturdays but probably only twice a month at most at New York table tennis in flushing. I am open to going anywhere, I believe I would fall under intermediate but am not rated. Jus...
  2. J-pen single hinoki ply questions

    Usually look for uniform tight and straight grain lines, but appearance does not always equal better quality blade... Weight is more important because if it was even the same blade and same weight they will not always equal the same preformance as wood is organic. Everyone has different...
  3. Xiom Tau

    I believe xiom Tau is discontinued but it's predecessor the Tau 2 is still being manufactured and definitely way better than the original. Tau 2 was an upgrade and everything Tau was not less weight, better qc, performance wise... Overall less dead rubber that the original
  4. Yeo7/yeo7power/ml hard carbon all same blades?

    Anybody that's a trusted member of this community that can proxy a blade from me from China? As i don't have alipay or wechat pay but I have PayPal...
  5. Yeo7/yeo7power/ml hard carbon all same blades?

    I grew very fond of the MLEO as this was my first blade every used but as time went by I find that it lacks umph eventually causing me to switch to carbon blades Now I came to a cross roads where these three blades has appeared and they all seem to be the same blade but rebranded Extra...
  6. Which all wood is better for looping and topspin???,

    How long have you been playing? From experience lower level players call powerdrive/Power loop looping when in actuality they are driving more than looping. In that case if you are driving more than looping a 7 ply blade will work better than a 5 ply, Not to say that you may be a beginner, fang...
  7. Penholders what is your choice for bh rubber!

    Hello fellow PENHOLDERS I was wondering what is your go too backhand rubber that you use daily... I would like to know the hardness also, would like to get a general consensus on what people prefer and choose to use for Rpb. From what I have seen the consensus is between tenergy and Chinese...
  8. Xu xin not playing ittf?

    I thought that was for the Olympics?
  9. Xu xin not playing ittf?

    Xu xin is not playing in the ittf restart at the moment?? Why??? What's goin on????
  10. Dhs h3n/h3 vs tg2/tg3 difference?

    As far as I'm concerned Tg series is based off of penholding but that conclusion was only drawn from the idea that the national Chinese team penhold players use The while shakehanders use H3... Is there really key differences in to why it's that? Anyone has any idea why TG is preferred over...
  11. Pushing is so annoying Help!

    I think op shud know what to do by now :rolleyes:;):rolleyes:
  12. Pushing is so annoying Help!

    Open up and kill that chyt! Imo backspin is usually not that heavy on pushes where you are able to loop and open up the shot compared to someone chopping. Overall be the bigger man an go for that loop! That's all it really takes more topspin negates the effects of backspin easily when done...
  13. Difference between hard european and chinese rubber??

    Chinese rubber more tacky than grippy euro rubber tend to be more bouncy, responsive and in my opinion less work more output as in average strength shot equals stronger spin and speed but with Chinese rubber same average strength shot would produce a slower and less spinnier more dead feeling...
  14. Switch from ma long 5 to viscaria

    I recommend you rather than change your blade go for a faster rubber change as you might find out this will be more than enough to influence a new feeling without changing your setup too much
  15. Blade to start in penholder?

    Maybe hurricane H301 because you used long 5 and liked it? Similar blade and was told it was more suitable for penhold than long 5. Also price point seem to be around blades you named. I do encourage you to presue penhold and hope your good experiences last as it is a dying breed and different...
  16. Blade choice for combination play

    Stiff Hardwood or 7 ply pips to push/block on BH and FH to smash/drive using pips to setup shot. From experience flexibility is not your friend in pips, and when blocking with pips opponents shot usually short or high and forced as to why I say smash and drive instead of looping Rosewood 7...
  17. Dhs tg506x info/review???

    Please do post a review or tell me how it goes if you get a chance! Looking forward to reading your experience with the blade
  18. Dhs tg506x info/review???

    Anybody has experience with the Tg506x? Seems to be a outer aryl-Carbon blade koto top ply??? I have a feeling that this is a more so a penhold oriented blade than anything...As the Tg series rubbers are penhold oriented opposed to hurricane series Any thoughts? Would something like a H301 be...
  19. Blade builders can stabilized burl be used as top ply?

    Thank you so the picture I shown is stated as a maca burl That would be a stabilized burl to get this type of figured pattern right?
  20. Blade builders can stabilized burl be used as top ply?

    Something like this is natural than? And has no composite added or stabilized?