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  1. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    I've only seriously tried Rozena on forehand where I'm used to Tenergies (and their ESN-counterparts) or tacky hybrids. Since the Rozena topsheet has much less grip than those I had a hard time looping/driving. The arc is very long. Closing the racquet just a little too much sends a rocket into...
  2. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    The Matrix is wrong. Rozena is fast but it is not a spinny rubber. As Lazer says above, noooo way it as spinny as T05fx. No matter how you hit, it is going to be less spinny.
  3. Hammond Z2

    Well, its just the same manufacturer. They don't have to play similar at all. I did like the Mantras. The Mantra M was a very good Tenergy 05-clone. Until the sponge died....
  4. Hammond Z2

    Some months in, how is the durability of the Z2? The original Stiga Mantra came from the same factory and were very good but only for a few weeks. Now there are new Mantras and this rubber. The Z2 have been getting raving reviews. Still?
  5. Who here plays with griptape on the blade handle?

    The "yinhe-grip" is a good idea but they are a bit too thick. The edges must be sanded, otherwise it is irritating.
  6. Butterfly officially announces Glazer and Glazer 09C

    That chart is off. There is no stroke that produces more spin with Rozena than any Tenergy. Even Sriver is more spinny than Rozena. Rozena is a lot faster though.
  7. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    12-10 win for Dima. But the best of luck to you Dan!
  8. Is Tenergy 05 spin-sensitive?

    Receiving serves and such, low impact shots - very sensitive. Blocking and smashing - not so sensitive. Modern sticky/tacky hard rubbers are the opposite. My experience.
  9. Hybrid rubbers how close to Tacky Chinese or Grippy ESN spring sponge?

    Are there any of these available with thinner sponge than 1.9/2.0? I really like the Rakza Z but would like a thinner (and lighter) sponge for my backhand. Any suggestions? A Rakza Z 1.7 or something like that would be ideal.
  10. Butterfly FZD ALC - first impressions.

    So the handle really is different? I've read about it on more than one review but the measurements on the butterfly site is the same as for the Viscaria. A Viscaria with bigger handle would be a dream come true. Almost anyway. :)
  11. Best non-ESN, non-BTY tensor rubber?

    My experience with the Mantras is that they were good rubbers out of the box (the M version was a very good substitute to T05!) but the durability was very very poor.
  12. Tibhar Hybrid K3 vs Rakza Z

    Don't know anything about K3 but I would say RZ is much closer to D09c than typical chinese tacky rubbers.
  13. V14 Pro vs Viscaria

    How are the handles on Pro 01 and v14 compared to Viscaria? Smaller? Bigger? Longer? Been looking for a Viscaria-clone with larger FL-handle but haven't found any...
  14. Experiences switching to hybrid rubbers

    Hybrid topsheets are great but the hard sponges are... ehh... hard.
  15. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    So I decided to try the Rakza Z as well. The hybrid approach i totally different than Joolas. The Joola Tango PS has a very sticky/tacky topsheet with a bouncy tensor sponge. The Rakza Z on the other hand has a semi tacky topsheet with a semi-bouncy/half hard sponge. For me they are not the...
  16. Fan Zhendong blade series!!

    Wish they would have made at least one of all the "Viscaria copies" with a longer and thicker handle...
  17. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    I would like to read this as well. Been using GTPS for a while but if RZ has even a tiny bit softer feeling it would be worth a try. A lot of people say that GTPS feels softer than 50 degrees but that would make it more or less feel like Tenergies and such and for me it feels quite a bit harder...
  18. ALC blade with the thinnest grip

    Thanks. Was afraid that was the case. Well I can always try ST or AN. Again, thanks and sorry for the interruption! [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. ALC blade with the thinnest grip

    Sorry if this is thread hijacking but I would like to know the opposite - is there a ALC-blade with thicker (and longer) handle than the Viscaria? A Stiga Legend/Alser-sized handle? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Butterfly Tenergy 19

    Isn't this a "Tenergy G1"? Market to win... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk