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  1. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    I think the existing format is fine. Each team has 4 men and 4 women, we saw Team China bring in 4th member WMY to replace LSW, don't think needs to change. XX for China I think could be categorised as a doubles specialist same with Mizutani. If WCQ came in for men's possibly team structure...
  2. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Think majority of teams except the Chinese do that, but no one was surprised with end combination. In fairness to some of the teams like Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong doubles pairing rarely let them down. Other than Chinese ladies no one was ever taking Japanese ladies down, even doubles team...
  3. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Surely Mima will want to defend her title, who wouldn't? It's like saying to Ma Long for Tokyo just focus on team event and we will give you new challenge the Mixed Doubles, don't worry about singles. I know 3 years still a while away but think teams can start looking ahead for their squads and...
  4. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Under previous precidents the 2 ladies that would have probably been selected LSW and Ding Ning. Will be interesting after Tokyo 2021 what new approach is taken for selection. Especially Mixed Doubles as I'm sure will be a medal all countries will give themselves a good chance but one Chinese...
  5. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    No, YouTube them! mainly big games involving big teams like China, Japan or big singles matches involving Ma Long, Chen Meng, Mima Ito, Ovtcharov, Lin Yun-ju he commentated
  6. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Minnie has had big wins before eg Ding Ning. To be honest don't think many would have expected the Hong Kong team to win against the German team, much different intensity from what they showed against the Chinese, pretty dissapointing display by them
  7. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Good 2 weeks for Japanese team4 medals from 5 events. 1 Gold 1 Silver 2 Bronze, think exceeded expectationsMima player of the team, 3 medals including a Gold​​​​​
  8. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Thats fine but don't be surprised seeing her being faded away slowly. Given covid globally surprised if we see much of them
  9. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    I don't think CNT will go through a big process to make that decision, the feeling is she is done from any future representation in mixed doubles or any event involving her wearing team colours. I wouldn't be surprised if she has been told already to clear her locker out once she gets back to...
  10. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Something tells me Japanese men put all there energy into that Semi Final which is nothing wrong with that, South Korean's to take out the Bronze
  11. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Lot of LSW fans so upset no singles but obviously coaches had their reservations if seperation of federations was going to be enforced anyway. I think this scenario happens next time they will think twice, interesting case as China nearly won the XD events so if fortune would have been different...
  12. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Well done to Japan on honourable loss, even Chinese Taipei I was too harsh before. German team is nothing short of amazing and takes big effort to take them down
  13. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Appears so. Least Japanese have given bigger fight to that of Chinese Taipei. Hopefully if Harimoto pulls it off Koki can really put up a good fight against Dima, got to a point where no shame with the outcome for either team
  14. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Harimoto in beast mode, think this is what the locals have been waiting for during the 2 weeks, finally seeing it, love it!
  15. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Seriously this will be epic Semi Final. Japanese need put them away in 4 as dunno if Niwa can finish off Ovtcharov
  16. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    How do you think they will line up tomorrow? I think they go with CM/WMY in the doubles and have SYS play Mima again in singles Makes sense SYS singles after 4-0 win
  17. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Chen Chien-an has been a great contributor to the Chinese Taipei team for an extended period of time. I'm sure team mates like Chuang Chih-yuan & Lin Yun-ju have plenty great things to say. I don't think he will play on the next games, hopefully the squad goes younger and build around Lin...
  18. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Rio 2016 Mens Team Semi Finals China vs South Korea - China 3:0 Japan vs Germany - Japan 3:1 Can we expect same scenario?
  19. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    I never said that. Boll Ovtcharov elite players, Franziska solid third. I rate Niwa and Mizutani higher than Chuang Chih-yuan and Chen Chen-an that's why 3 wins is possible for team Japan. Those 2 were hopeless today while Koki had good day today
  20. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    I rate Japan higher than Chinese Taipei & Chinese Taipei with better fortune could have pulled it off. Lin Yun-ju has 2 weak team mates, both performed bad in singles, granted against Boll & Ovtcharov Japan mens might have a chance if can win doubles and find few wins in singles