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  1. Viscaria Super ALC Blade Review | With Adriana Diaz

    Okay. Moreover, in her recent matches over the past 6-8 months I saw that she has moved back to zhang jike super zlc. Maybe this video is old or butterfly wants to promote viscaria super alc too ;-)
  2. Viscaria Super ALC Blade Review | With Adriana Diaz

    anybody tried dignics 64? Is it for punch style player?
  3. What is the spinniest ESN hybrid rubber for Joola Flash ball? (seamless ball)

    How long does it last? Is the performance drop in speed mostly?
  4. What is the spinniest ESN hybrid rubber for Joola Flash ball? (seamless ball)

    I really like K3 on my Viscaria. Lot of spin on brush loops, great for short touches and lot of power away from the table.Coming from 09c really like it ( used 09c for two years and loved it, but find K3 even better). Moreover, my paddle feels a lot lighter when I changed from 09c to K3 on...
  5. Donic Bluegrip S2 vs. DragonGrip and K3?

    am using S2 on backhand and K3 on forehand. S2 is softer, slower and more control. K3 is slow in touch game but lot of power and catapult in open game. I found it very good for forehand. But K3 is much harder than S2.
  6. Rubber throw angle topic again.

    This is a perfect explanation. This is the reason I like dignics 09c ( which has an extremely high throw ) more over tibhar K3 as I can just go forward, hit more than brush and the ball still has a good arc and goes over the net. Game becomes more simple and i can just focus on using power and...
  7. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    How is it compared to donic bluegrip S2. I am currently using S2 on backhand.
  8. tenergy 05 on timo boll alc/viscaria

    Hello, I tried tenergy 05 on a timo boll alc at my club. Just loved it. Forehand was so crisp and coming from dignics 09c it felt way easier and faster to play. I was just ripping balls. I play with a viscaria. Will tenergy 05 feel the same on viscaria like it did on timo boll alc? Or does...
  9. Tibhar K3 vs Dignics 09c

    Hello, Been playing with 09c for the past 2 years on forehand and very happy with it but the price is just a bit too much. Tibhar K3 is about half the price of 09c. Are these two rubbers similar in characteristics and performance or are they quite different? If they are similar then K3 is on...
  10. Dandoy bio booster

    Hey Guys, I have been using dignics 09c on forehand and very happy with it. Some high level players say that hybrid rubbers like dignics 09c, rakza z hard, tibhar k3 etc. are even better if you boost them with one layer of belgium booster like dandoy bio booster. Is that true? Has anyone on...
  11. Tenergy 64fx

    Hello, Has anyone tried tenergy 64fx. I am looking for a rubber which is soft but with a low Throw angle. I have read that 64 fx is very good for blocks and short game. Please lemme know if anyone has tried this rubber. Looking to pair this rubber with viscaria on backhand Thanks
  12. Testing Sharath Kamal Achanta's Table Tennis Bat!

    How is this compared to dignics 09c?
  13. Tenergy 05 vs 05FX?

    Tenergy 05fx better on backhand. Much easy to block, open underspin and more feeling
  14. Lebrun brothers join Tibhar

    So K3 is better than dignics 09c?
  15. Joola Zhou Qihao Super AL-c 90 review

    How is it with dignics 09c?
  16. Joola Zhou Qihao Super AL-c 90 review

    Is this blade really this good?
  17. Is Rakza 7 a good T05fx alternative?

    Rakza 7 soft will be not rakza 7 in terms of hardness
  18. Viscaria great for the backhand

    I had Dhs long 5 and dhs w968 before.
  19. Viscaria great for the backhand

    Hello, Since I started using butterfly Viscaria, my backhand has improved a lot. Moreover, many people I talk to at the club who switched to viscaria say that it is really good for the backhand. I read this even in various forums. Why is this the case? There are many outer alc blades but why is...
  20. Andro rasanter c series

    Hey Guys, How is the spin generation and hardness of these rubbers compared to dignics 09c?