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  1. Alternative beginner tensor rubber

    Hello, i would like to know alternaive rubber for Gewo Neoflexx eft 45 or Vega Intro but in blue. So a beginner tensor rubber but in blue and at best like the Neoflexx eft 45. Is there something like that?
  2. Penhold in Europe

    Which galaxy blade do you mean?
  3. Stop someone from buying to fast rubbers

    I am afraid he will than quit table tennis if he keeps losing with this fast equipment. Maybe i am wrong and this is exactly what he needs xD
  4. Stop someone from buying to fast rubbers

    Hello, I have someone in my club who plays now for 7 years. He is not the best and now he said screaw it i buy bluestorm z1 in max and 2.1 on a Boll ALC. Why? Because he like Timo Boll and he wants to attack. I wanted to stop him but i have no chance xD He said why should i lern the technique...
  5. My new equipment

    Well i like butterfly and the WSC so it was this blade.
  6. My new equipment

    Well it is like a WSC, not to fast and still controlled.
  7. My new equipment

    How unfriendly wow ...
  8. My new equipment

    Hello, what do you guys think about my new equipment? A butterfly innerfocre layer zlf and a andro hexer grip in green in 2.1 and a donic bluestorm z3 in 1.9.
  9. Questions to glueing

    okay thank you very much for the videos and the tips to seperate it. I will try it out :)
  10. Questions to glueing

    okay so i guess i need a new topsheet everytime i need a new sponge? i am still unsure how to even separate it from each other
  11. Questions to glueing

    Hello, i have two questions more or less about frictonless anti: 1. How do i seperat a topsheet from a sponge? 2. How do i glue a frictonless anti so that i can seperate him againg from the wood, without damage at the topsheet?
  12. New Equipment for fun

    So all 40° Rubbers or less are still fast and spin insensitiv i guess? So choose anyone
  13. Which blade for my rubber?

    I dont want to buy a new blade
  14. Which blade for my rubber?

    Its more about fun and just playing. Some topspins, some blocks, safety in pushing. The rubbers are controlled so i guess a blade in the off- to off side, because it could be to slow otherwise but in my class it shouldnt make a big diffrence.
  15. Which blade for my rubber?

    Hello, i need a little help for deciding which blade i should use. I chosse Gewo Neoflexx eft 45 in 2.1 and 1.9 because one is green and it is an easy to play rubber. As a blade i have the following options: Cybershape, Boll ALC, Waldner Senso Carbon, Diode, Victas Koji Defensive, Stiga...
  16. Defence with Short Pips Advice

    I think i will choose short pips because i like the possible variation and the option to give my one spin against no spin balls. So i will try victas spinpips d3 in 1.5. thanks guys i will tell how it works
  17. Defence with Short Pips Advice

    Is there a good butterfly short pips for defence or is the victas spinpis d3 better for defence?
  18. Defence with Short Pips Advice

    Hm yes, well i guess i have to good set ups and just need to decided which of these. Long pips or short pips
  19. Defence with Short Pips Advice

    Yeah this is true, but i like twiddle xD If i get the feint long 2 would be a 1.1mm sponge be got or should i go with 0.5mm?
  20. Defence with Short Pips Advice

    So i guess the "butterfly" set up would be better than short pips, because short pips defence i kind of hard i guess. I am in a twist xD