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  1. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    Glue such as DHS no15? which is strong but very elastic, almost seems like it doesn't dry properly!!! Thick layers? or players preference?
  2. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    Hi Tony, regarding glueing very often, does this help with the feel of a rubber?
  3. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    Hi Carl, Have you ever tried boosted Tenergy?
  4. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    I could tell the difference between boosted and un boosted, although some results were, let’s say disappointing!!
  5. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I’ve seen the Bluestar A1 on TT11, maybe I’ll get a sheet!! EJ bug has started to return now that the league season has almost finished here in the UK !! Already bought a sheet of R48 (which I’ve used before) and Donic Barracuda. One more won’t hurt!!!
  6. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    Hi Victor, As Bluestar A1 is from the Donic stable, how does it compare to Bluegrip C1/C2 ?? I have tried C2, which has low tackiness, similar to D09C. I thought the C2 was pretty close to D09C, softer feel, but that’s me!!
  7. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    Yeah, I tried to glue an over domed sheet of H3, started to peel at edges :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: But being a stubborn old git I just weighted it down with books, bags of sugar, anything heavy to hand and left it overnight!!!! Job done!!! But it was touch and go!!! I’ve glued when flat and when dome...
  8. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    If we are taking about a heavy backspin serve like a ‘ghost’ serve. then the blade is flat, meaning a fine brushing of the ball is needed, regardless. As always it’s a trade off when comparing Tacky or Grippy bouncy rubbers. I’ve just put R48 (FH) on one of a pair of blades I have, the other...
  9. Sticky rubbers -- some wonder of chemical science.

    You go to Hogwarts, via platform 9 1/2 at Kings Cross Stn and then get some sheets made there!!!!!
  10. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    You may remember I did a boosting trial, basic to say the least!! A couple of sheets of Friendship 729, I measured their size during the process, the sheets were 2mm larger (in width & length) at the end of the trial, both had flattened out, from memory. during the boosting process they domed up...
  11. Speed glue / tensor = same thing?

    Everyone talks about ESN rubbers drop in performance!!!!! AND YET They have (ok not everyone does!!) to boost their sheets of H3 or similar straight out of the pack!!!! BEFORE / SO the performance can drop after 3 - 12 weeks!!!! :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::LOL::unsure:
  12. What year did Hurricane 3 come out?

    This all ties in, Friendship 729 made loud noises when it arrived!!!
  13. All Wood Defensive Blades Vs Carbon Defensive Blades. What Are Peoples Thoughts?

    Hi DG89, I have used a few defensive blades, but I’m not a defender or pips player. The 3 mainstream defensive blades I have used are Stiga Def Pro - 5 wood + 2 carbon (5+2) Drinkhall Defensive classic - 5 ply all wood Nittaku Resist 2 - 5 ply all wood I also have 2 bespoke (almost...
  14. What year did Hurricane 3 come out?

    I think the first time I saw it in a catalog was possibly in a Tees Sport catalog. It was the only rubber from Friendship!!! and it was known as ‘Friendship 729’ I don’t recall there being any other Chinese rubbers in the catalog either, but I may be wrong. This would have been around 1980 ish...
  15. What year did Hurricane 3 come out?

    Was Friendship 729 available before H2/H3???
  16. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Battle warn!!!
  17. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Tamca 5000 was the name of the blade as well.
  18. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I asked for DEF rated blade with carbon to try and increase the sweet spot, not speed. The TAMCA 5000 was I believe BTY’s 1st carbon blade. It was marketed as a fast blade with an increased sweet spot as well.
  19. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Sergio, the blade maker (SDC blades) takes frequency measurements of all his blades. How he does it ??? You can see his blades on the forum. He posts regularly.
  20. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    1100Hz is a rocket launcher compared to my SDC 7+2 ply blade, which is rated at around 980Hz!!! I have a TAMCA 5000, with the old smaller celluloid balls and Sriver I could handle the speed. I think that even though the ball is bigger, and spin is (supposedly) less. It’s the modern rubbers that...