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    Thank a lot for this comment, it really makes me happy !
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    SIMPLE BUT EFFICIENT! Here is the worst enemy of the attackers ! 🏓 A few days ago I introduced you to the fastest blade I had made and today here is the slowest ‼️ • DEF • Limba/Balsa/Limba/Balsa/Limba • 162x161mm - 5,3mm • 77g • Flared handle 105mm/37mm • 750Hz
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    ⚠️Be careful not to get stung, this blade is as deadly as a scorpion 🦂His owner is a Red Devil👹🇧🇪 This is the fastest blade I've made so far‼️His future owner wanted a blade similar to his BTY Tricarbon but even faster. So I used a denser carbon fiber ! • Tricarbon - OFF++...
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    An Off+ blade with the colours of a such beautiful country ! 🇫🇷 • Off+ • Koto/spruce/ayous/spruce/koto • 82g • 5,6mm - 157x150mm • Center balanced
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    A new crafting for my girlfriend's 20th birthday😊 Fortunately, I do a better job of creating blades than I do of cutting rubbers😅 • All - 5 plies • Limba/ayous/ayous/ayous/limba • 157x150 mm - 5,3mm • 78g • Center balanced
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    Thank you for your compliment, it please me !
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    Thanks a lot !😊
  8. Fs : 1-plh Kiso Hinoki Blades

    Thank you !😊
  9. Fs : 1-plh Kiso Hinoki Blades

    New blade for @faach1 ! 350+ years 1-ply Kiso Hinoki blade ! 🇯🇵 • Kiso Hinoki 9,3mm • 156x151mm • 86g • Center balanced
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    New blade for @faach1 ! 350+ years 1-ply Kiso Hinoki blade ! 🇯🇵 • Kiso Hinoki 9,3mm • 156x151mm • 86g • Center balanced
  11. Fs : 1-plh Kiso Hinoki Blades

    Hello, I have in stock 9 planks of 350/400 years Kiso Hinoki. There are 2 grades : A & A+ I offer them for sale accompanied by a full customization service. You can choose the shape and aesthetics of the handle as well as the shape, dimensions and thickness of the blade. Don’t hesitate to...
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    Hello, There is no fixed price for kiso hinoki. Darker sells the Speed 90 around 270€, the Imperial ~400€. The only craftsman who sells the same quality as mine sells the blades around 475€, he makes other 1-ply priceless but the quality is not as good. If we compare the quality of my kiso...
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    I’m very happy!!! I received 3 planks of 400+ years Kiso Hinoki🇯🇵
  16. FS Timo Boll Spirit

    Hello, I’m sorry but the blade is sold
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    Thank you for your feedbacks. I have an anecdote for this handle. Initially, I had to make another rather complex one. the first was successful but the second I missed it several times. I didn't know what to do anymore, I wanted to give up. While looking for a solution I came across a piece of...
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    Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything I just finished a blade that I started a few months ago. For this blade, I tried to copy the BTY Maze ALC with a slight crispy touch on the backhand side with the black limba. I did my best. • Weight: 89g • Frequency: ~ 1200Hz • Dimensions: 157x150...
  19. FS Timo Boll Spirit

    For sale Timo Boll Spirit 150€ without shipping costs • Straight handle •Excellent condition • Used only 30 minutes
  20. YT Channel: "L’Atelier NBlades"

    Thanks a lot!