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  1. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I'm not sure the Donic Bluestar A1 can even be considered a hybrid. It's got so little tack to it it barely picks up the ball. It works well enough for me.
  2. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    Looks like BTY dropped the price of Rozena, It was not $40 when I bought it and I do get stuff from tt11. I'm not really sure Rozena has better longevity than most ESN rubbers of the same tier(control oriented). Since it has not been scientifically tested, it could very well be BTY owners are...
  3. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    What's wrong with Rozena? Well you're paying a premium for the brand name for a rubber that performs worse than most of the performance ESN rubbers at the same prices or less. You can get similar lower performing(control oriented) rubbers from ESN for less and Chinese rubbers for even way less...
  4. Decent racket for intermediate level

    If you have the money to spare and want to skip all the EJing, just get a BTY Viscaria or equivalent and the DHS Hurricane Long 5, slap H3 Neo on the FH and maybe Tenergy64 on the backhand and call it a day. Those are some of the most popular blades for a good reason. Before someone tells you...
  5. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    @OP, I think your train of thought on this is logical and makes sense. The tackiness helps with keeping the ball short in the short over the table strokes and gives you good spin on brushing loop strokes and the bounciness of the rubber helps when you hit hard enough to overcome the tackiness...
  6. What instead of Primorac JP -OFF - OSP/Nittaku?

    It's finally back in stock on tt11 which would be my first choice. You can get it cheaper at princett but you will have to wait quite a bit with a lack of communication and shipping may be expensive. There is a reason why people are willing to pay the prices for the HL5 when the Fang Bo Carbon...
  7. What instead of Primorac JP -OFF - OSP/Nittaku?

    If you get a chance, try out an inner carbon ALC type blade, especially the DHS Hurricane Long 5 which has the control and feel of a 5 ply wood at low speed and accelerate to carbon power when you hit it hard. It is like the best of both worlds. Might just be what you are looking for. If you...
  8. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Does all this number theorizing take in account that as an old offensive style player, that even at a decently high rating, by the end of a gruelling 6 match in an afternoon round robin, you don't have the energy to go against a kid half your rating and can only donate ratings points?
  9. Do you play with equipment above your level?

    The idea of equipment "beyond" someone's level is misleading and skewed, containing insinuations. There is suitable and not so suitable for someones style and preference and it has nothing to do with the level a person is at in table tennis.
  10. Forehand rubber recommendations

    Harder Chinese style tacky rubbers can loop much better if you can generate the racket speed. Not that expensive to throw on something like Loki Arthur China, which is like a boosted H3 you can get from aliexpress for $25.
  11. Best Flat Hitting Rubber?

    Fastarc G1 can be used for flat hits quite effectively ala Mima Ito.
  12. My loop issue

    You're not extending your arm enough in your swing. Instead of "Saluting the colonel" when you loop, think "Smell my own armpit". You won't be smacking your own forehead after that. Maybe. :>.
  13. Can a commercial H3 Neo come close to a H3 blue sponge?

    From my limited experience, a blue provincial NEO sponge at 39 degrees is completely different from and much faster than a commercial NEO orange sponge.
  14. 999 Super999T

    Thos 999T rubbers are a hidden gem if and only if you boost them. Then they will be fast and soft enough to not only be playable but also be quite dangerous. Otherwise they are not great to play with.
  15. Enough of the spam bots!

    WTF, this is getting really out of hand. The entire front page is filled with spam. it's more like a DOS attack now.
  16. W968 envy forced me to get HL5 clone

    I did not have any issues with the top end speed with the Stuor, pretty close to the the real HL5 I have. The HL5 has a more forgiving feel though but the Stuor more than decent for a $26 blade. The club mate did complain that the second HL5 he got is slower than the first.
  17. W968 envy forced me to get HL5 clone

    I also got the Stuor HL5 copy and I also own a HL5 as well as the Donic Ovtcharov No1 senso. The Stuor is in the same ballpark but it is a bit harder and faster on the low end and feels less forgiving/controllable as a result. The Donic and HL5 is pretty close except for the weight balance...
  18. Who has tried Neottec or Mizuno rubbers?

    The Neottec X5-M has a topsheet that is not very elastic/soft compared to many ESN rubbers on the same sponge hardness. It seems to break in over time but it might just be me adjusting my strokes to it. Slower strokes don't seem to have as much spin but harder ones are fine. Might need some...
  19. Butterfly officially announces Glazer and Glazer 09C

    Not saying that the Glayzer series is another BTY cash grab attempt at the lower tier but given their history with Aibiss and Rozena, I'm waiting for some other sucker in the club to get them so I can try it.