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  1. How could I buy something from dandoy sports?

    It looks like changing the browser did it! Don't know why chrome doesn't show the payment page.
  2. How could I buy something from dandoy sports?

    Yes i have emailed them. They replied on my first question but when i asked about the payment process i didn't receive any response yet.
  3. How could I buy something from dandoy sports?

    I've been trying to buy bat cases for myself and teammates from dandoy and it seems there isn't a way to complete the payment process. Did anyone successfully pay and got the order from them and how?
  4. joola shirts sizes

    i want to buy a joola shirt from dandoy and can't find any information about the shirt measurements. atleast i want to know of the sizing standard so i can see which size fits best.
  5. is this site safe?

    hi, I was looking to buy some equipment and this site popped up. it is a japanese based website and i want to see if anyone dealed with them. as i have a product in mind that i wanna buy. i am in bahrain and i am aware of megaspin, paddle palace, tt11...etc. and the only...
  6. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    ​​​​​​if you would rank these blades from best to worst in terms of spin and control and will be more suitable with the mantra or similar type of rubbers what will be your rankings?-v14 pro-fang bo carbo b2-xvt dragon alc-v14-pro 01
  7. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    can you tell me which version of the fang bo carbon it is cause there is the carbon, b2, b2x. 😄
  8. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    i could buy a yasaka blade online but as i said the rubbers are provided from my club and they get the same rubber for everyone. i will discuss my blade selection with my coach and what will be the rubber for the coming season. if i had the choice of choosing the rubbers i will may choose...
  9. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    before the mantra i've been using the calibra lt spin for 3.5 years. i think either the club will continue using the mantra or go for another stiga rubber. i hope we were sponsered but there is only butterfly or stiga rubbers in bahrain so either they go with tenergy from butterfly and it will...
  10. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    i am 5'5" with not big hands so it shouldn't be a problem. is the cut and push good in either of these blades?
  11. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    i saw the yinhe pro 01 it is more flexable than the v14 pro but more pricy. the difference in price wont matter. would you recommend it over the v 14 pro? also i've read that the fang bo carbon handle is small. is that an issue also in the v14 pro?
  12. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    the reason i am considering the v14 pro is that i want to change my playstyle to a more aggressive way. manly looping and topspin and backhand punches. the varity of blades that i can try is limited. i will list these blades and tell me what falls into which catagory or what is similar from what...
  13. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    have you played with any of these blades, if so tell my what it is the pros and cons.
  14. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    i am playing with mantra soft. it is good at the forehand but i find it hard to play a fast shot. it is faster than some of the guys with me with faster blades ( we all use mantra soft ). anyways thank you.😊
  15. considering yinhe v-14 pro

    my first blade is the stiga allround classic and i used it for 4 years. sadly it broke while training and i am looking for an inexpensive replacement. i've look into the yinhe v-14 pro and the reviews said good things about it. however, i did not see anyone using it with the mantra lineup what...