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  1. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    One key point for Chinese with tacky topsheet & hard sponge is that speed is only get doing a lot of spin & that's only possible with thicker brush.
  2. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Serving make the motion of the bat from down to up also tangentially and in place of contact the ball the side far the table contact the ball in the side between the ball and the table, that requires skill because the ball goes up but with strong back spin, the tricky is to calculate the first...
  3. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Serving you can't only hit the ball frontally or moving down or horizontally the bat when contact the ball.
  4. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    It's between the two. If you only brush or only hit throug the center of the ball you can't get the maximum spin.
  5. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Still didn't tried. But I read good things about it vs european hybrids & as you said more cheap.
  6. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    When I said hit I want to say thick contact, for me thick contact isn't brush, if you brush tacky hard sponge you can't get the maximum spin of the rubber can give so better use other kind of rubbers.
  7. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    My point of view is like Chinese approach, start from the beginning with the right material, what's the right material? linear material, what's the linear material? the once you know for sure you predict 100% how works. If you give to beginners easy catapult fast rubbers, never ever will know...
  8. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    The key point is that you impart/get more spin: back or top using hard rubbers with proper technique no matter the stroke you do: serve topspin, sidespin or backspin, etc.
  9. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Really I enjoy having a good time reading you, waiting each time how can you go down & down & seems boots are each time more perfect like human stupidity
  10. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    You bark then I ride.
  11. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    I don't sell the truth as you, I only share my experience. You haven't words and repeat mine words: weak vocabulary and something more..... Try again. Seeing your FS: Lots of blades & rubbers everybody can assure that you still have a lot to learn.
  12. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    You are the typical person that always have to say the last word right.....and you believe that you are the only one in possession of the truth, you are pathetic.
  13. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Isn't my native language. But still understand perfectly when something said: "Also, you're the one who has no idea what you're talking about"..... I never try to discredit, I only give data got with my experience.
  14. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Using and offensive & prepotent language don't give you the reason:mad: If you think that you know all you are very confused, you must be more humble.... BTW it's the 1st time you said for serves (fortunately something is changing in your mind), I and the OPT I guess both speaking to...
  15. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    You still don't know how sponge hardness have relation with spin, isn't only the topsheet, I'm not contradicting nothing, you haven't any idea about how to use different sponge hardness to get maximum spin because surely you never played with hard sponge Chinese rubbers.....
  16. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Of course tacky rubber, but to generate more spin do you need hard sponge and to get maximum spin of hard sponge do you need strong hits, now?
  17. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    As I can see you never played with Chinese hard rubbers.....
  18. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Igor was refering that hard hits must by done in order to get maximum spin, if you aren't able to do it better stick with ESN & Jap rubbers.
  19. 1980s Stiga Allround blade - worth reusing ?

    What sponge do you like, hard, mid-hard or soft? N.B. I don't use hard as stated with other people, I guess something like BTY Rozena Red 1.9 for backhand & Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Black 1.8 or 2.0 depends yours skills...