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  1. Serve tactics

    I think at higher levels that definitely is lower levels you can hope for a Service winner or a Popped up return that you can easily smash but at higher levels I think you have to expect a high quality return and it helps to be able to predict which serves likely will lead to which...
  2. Can anyone share experience using the GEWO Holz Aruna Hinoki Carbon OFF?

    Maybe you can shoot a Mail to gewo and ask them. I'm sure it is a fine blade but it probably is Suited best for players above 2000 points or so and if you are a beginner to intermediate it might not be ideal. If you are just a quadri fan and want to own his blade that is fine too of course.
  3. Why does it seem like I play to the level of my opponent?

    I think there are several factors. 1) the good players are not focusing as hard maybe mess around a little. Part of that might be intentional but part also might be that it is a natural tendency to not focus as hard if you don't need to. That Is a totally normal reaction, the human brain...
  4. How low/wide should the stance be?

    I think it depends a lot on your age, weight, fitness and health. Sure standing low like FZD or timo is great but if it makes you cramped and tired after 10 minutes it won't do you much good and probably hurt you more than it helps you.
  5. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    I think his Intention was to throw the racket into the net and not to the other side but still he shouldn't have done it of course
  6. I lost my spark for playing TT

    Maybe just take a couple weeks off. Sometimes passion for the game comes in waves and some time off can help to gain motivation again.
  7. Is body type giving any form of advantage?

    I understand how you feel about older members sometimes being a bit snarky but I also understand they are put off by a guy playing for one year explaining them the game of table tennis. I also have played a lot of other sports before table tennis but really that doesn't mean much in the world...
  8. Is body type giving any form of advantage?

    I think generally not being fat is an advantage. Most top players are anywhere from very thin to athletic build, probably like 65 to 80 kilograms or so. However I think it matters mostly at the highest level. In Germany there is (was?) An extremely overweight player (not like 20 kilos...
  9. More Pros not enjoying WTT and its expensive Costs

    I think table tennis might end up like tennis where you have to bring in money to play until you reach like top50 or so. in tennis is is well known that playing the tour while being outside the top100 is a net loss game, i.e prize money is not enough to cover the big costs of traveling, paying...
  10. Dima on TTBL

    Resting your stars is one thing but essentially sharing a player with another club and only using them for certain matches is a big competitive advantage because it means you are sharing salary too. Düsseldorf for example can decide to sit timo and Anton for that match but they still are having...
  11. Dima on TTBL

    I agree but I think it kinda isn't cool if a team has a B team they play in season and then bring in Stars for the playoffs which actually is what neu Ulm does. They are 7th in the bundesliga mostly playing the B team and then only bring in the stars for important games while Düsseldorf pays...
  12. Dima on TTBL

    Imo both are kinda right. IMO dima is right that a Düsseldorf official shouldn't be in the advisory board and it looks like Düsseldorf is trying to get the neu ulm sponsor to quit so they have a soft bundesliga field to win easily again. But I also agree that there shouldn't be a situation...
  13. Fs : 1-plh Kiso Hinoki Blades

    That is a really nice looking blade
  14. Which cleaner do you like?

    I clean with water and maybe like once a month with a bit of soap.
  15. Dimitrij Ovtcharov Uses Pre-Made Bat vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    I think US points are slightly different. I read that US points is like 300 points higher than for example German points, I.e a 2500 US player would be more like 2200 in Europe.
  16. Dimitrij Ovtcharov Uses Pre-Made Bat vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    I'm surprised Dima struggled so much. Dan is a great player and has improved a lot but dima wasn't really able to play his normal game at all and mostly pushing and flat smashing. What kind of pre-made racket is that? Is that essentially a super slick rubber almost like an anti that can't spin...
  17. Is 10 years training, a lot?

    Years really don't mean much I think, if anything it should be hours, because 2 years at 1 hour a week is obviously worse than 6 months with 10 hours a week (case one is 104 hours overall and case two is 260 hours overall). Also the intensity of training matters, some basically only do Warmup...
  18. Which thickness of rubber would be a good fit for a beginner?

    I have heard different opinions on that. Some say start thin, then get thicker as you improve, others say for modern spin game it is better to start thick. I listened to a podcast with a high level German coach and he said kids should start out around 1.8mm, he said to thick isn't ideal to...
  19. Using a softer rubber in a cold venue?

    I often play in a colder venue around 10-12 degree celsius (50F) in the winter. Would it make sense to use a softer rubber than usual there as the cold makes the rubber feel harder? And vice versa should you use a harder rubber/sponge when you play above 30 degrees celsius (like 86F or so)? Or...
  20. Please Explain this FH video instruction (especially korean guys)

    Does anyone especially one who speaks Korean what this guy here means? You the bat angle turn more closed during a loop stroke? Is this good instruction?