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  1. Happy Birthday to TTD´s one and only Upsidedowncarl

    Hi Carl, haven’t been here for a while, but have a splendid birthday ; )
  2. Why I’ve been gone

    Toefl 117 first try with no prep FTW! Thanks for the advice on the SATs, and I’ll be sure to check out the AP classes you mentioned. AP Chinese is of little value to me, so as of now I’m not planning to take it.😁
  3. Why I’ve been gone

    Hello wonderful people! I’ve been absent from the forum for a while, mostly because high school life is REALLY busy, and quite stressful. Everyone is doing an “arms race” to maliciously one up someone else in studies. Paired with the much harder curriculum, it adds up to a lot of stress. I am...
  4. Liang Jingkun suspended

    EMOTION——— IS—— WEAKNESS——— (robotic tone)
  5. Why did my boost job turn out lumpy?

    “One sees what one desires.” ——Master Oogway
  6. Cured of EJ!

    We’ll see😁(Loses it when BTY releases Boll ALC 75th anniversary)
  7. Cured of EJ!

    Hello great people! Today I officially cured myself of EJ by selling my CLCR, and gluing up the spare Boll ALC I had all this time. I now only use my two Timo Boll ALCs, both with H3 provincial and tensor. I’ve been using my old TB for two months now without using any other blade, and I feel...
  8. Should i stay with equipment i am succesful or switch

    I’m more than half sure this is the same troll with a different account.
  9. How to play against "wall" player?

    Anyway I tried these tips on the coach of the school team at my new school. I got whacked and he didn’t even flinch during the entire game. He plays penhold as well. He is an active member of the Shandong Provincial team but that probably isn’t important😉. What can I do?🤣
  10. How to play against "wall" player?

    Maybe try pushing short? All the time? What’s he gonna do? Loop it?
  11. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    If BB was here he’d be REALLY disappointed in All of you!🤣 Is there really that big a difference between brands? Even bigger difference than new and old balls? For example, people say “heavier” or “lighter”, but I’ve weighed 6 brands of balls and they all average 2 grams, with minuscule...
  12. Talking big.

    Gozo will go on to play Tenergy until the day his wallet suffocated him with a pillow…
  13. Oxidation of topsheet

    Hi there! One of my friends has been having a problem where his H3s oxidize very badly after being left in the air for boosting. Since I prefer to play H3 unboosted, and like to take care of my rubbers, I don’t know what causes this or how to solve it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he...
  14. I’ve found cure to EJ

    30 dollars is around the cost of a decent ESN rubber, so I don’t know how you call buying a lot of Butterfly wannabe blades for that price not EJing. Save up the money, and find a coach. Like Tony said.
  15. Chengdu IN LOCKDOWN - will WTTC be delayed?

    This is the only post I agree with🤣
  16. Chengdu IN LOCKDOWN - will WTTC be delayed?

    Reminds me of me and my class mates alway saying “我是你爸爸”😂😂
  17. Chengdu IN LOCKDOWN - will WTTC be delayed?

    And it’s thunder storming in Beijing. There goes moon watching.
  18. I’ve found cure to EJ

    A certain member of this forum (definitely NOT Micheal) begs to differ😂
  19. I’ve found cure to EJ

    People! I’ve found the ultimate cure for EJ! It’ll make sure you never buy another useless rubber again! It’s simple: be poor.🤣🤣🤣 But seriously, I’ve felt myself improve so much after I decided to stick with one blade and set. Thank you Tony