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  1. Best rubber for the backhand

    What is your current setup?
  2. Best rubber for the backhand

    M3 might be too soft for you, M2 is better in my opinion, don't know anything about baracuda/JP03. (Test some tenergy/dignics/rozena stuff if you can)
  3. Rubber Suggestions

    Rakza series are not durable, keep that in mind
  4. Tenergy 05fx alternative

    1-Butterfly Rozena 2-Donic Bluefire M3
  5. New Generation Stiga Blades?

    I read some comments about the new generation stiga blades.(After like 2017 versions) People are saying they are absolute sh1t. What do you guys think? Are they worth buying? I called a well known guy in Turkey, who has his own website to get some opinion. He told me stiga lost the touch when...
  6. My setup feels like a literal ROCK after trying this one

    As some of you guys know, i recenly bought a Fang Bo carbon with commercial hurricane 3 neo for FH and a Vega X for BH. I was playing with a friend today at the club and i wanted to try his racket. (Clipper CR with 3 year old butterfly Rozena) And it shocked me because the feeling, dwell felt...
  7. No Name Boosters?

    Probably TRM
  8. No Name Boosters?

    Here*%20Zamanla%20sertle%C5%9Fen%20lastiklerdeki%20olumsuz%20hissi,ince%20%C3%A7izikleri%20lastikten%20yok%20eder. As i said, "" is like a Turkish version of "table tennis 11"
  9. No Name Boosters?

    It's like Seamoon is 500 Turkish liras from aliexpress, T.R.M. is like 100 (100ml). It's like 5 dollars.
  10. No Name Boosters?

    I called the manifacturer, he said "It's not good as falco, seamoon, revolution; not gonna lie. But you can add more layers and get the same performance."
  11. Easy-To-Use Tensor Rubbers

    Butterfly Rozena is not a tensor rubber but it is really forgiving
  12. Easy-To-Use Tensor Rubbers

    Rakza Z?
  13. No Name Boosters?

    I ordered a commercial Hurricane 3 NEO and i want to boost it on my Fang Bo B2. I live in Turkey and it is so hard to find the best boosters like Falco, Seamoon, revolution, etc... Only booster i could find is one called "T.R.M. Booster". Does booster brand makes that much diffrence? It's quite...
  14. What are the diffrences between those rubbers?

    What about Skyline or moon pro?
  15. What are the diffrences between those rubbers?

    I ordered Fang Bo Carbon recently and i am going to put my 1 year old Bluefire M3's on it. But i think i need new rubbers bc my M3's are not grippy AT ALL right now. After a huge research, i've found some rubbers that will work best for me, but everybody is saying different things. I need some...
  16. What should i do ?

    I have money but i just don't want to waste it to butterfly products because i think they are kinda overpriced.
  17. What should i do ?

    I'm Just broke
  18. What should i do ?

    I really don't understand why people think this blade is allround, it's probably because blade has high throw angle. I don't have the budget to buy a provincial or national hurricane 3, i guess i will go with the commercial one and try it out.
  19. What should i do ?

    Yes, i need an inner carbon or powerful allwood blade (like Clipper CR) but should buy a new one or stick to the WSC?
  20. What should i do ?

    Hi everyone, I've been using Donic Waldner Senso Carbon with Bluefire M3 rubbers for about 1 year. I think i need a blade with normal handle instead of an empty one. I'm copying chinese pros technique (quick footwork and full power strokes from the ground; FZD, Fang Bo, Ma Long...), but i don't...