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  1. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    No sorry
  2. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    Arround 85g, the weight is slightly in the head (the paddle size is slightly larger than normal). Very very flexible, with a lot of vibration and a very pleasant handle. We do not feel the carbon in terms of sensation, on the other hand we feel that it brings a small speed bonus. A real...
  3. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    Some brands do a sanding like this (Victas for example). It's very comfortable and I appreciate this attention to detail. Usually I have to sand several times before being comfortable, but on this Joola the grip was done instantly (thanks to the handle and the sanding). They were careful to...
  4. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

  5. Nittaku Ma Long Seven - Blade

    Hi everyone, Today, I am interested in Nittaku Ma Long Seven blade. It is a 7-ply blade, produced in collaboration with DHS, in tribute to this legendary player. Very few returns are visible on this blade and yet it is found at the top of the most popular blades on a well-known reseller...
  6. Sanwei Fextra 7

    What's the difference between the Fextra 7 and the Fextra One ? Because I love the handle of the Fextra 7... so I hope you didnt change it.
  7. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    Innerforce ZLF dont have any carbone. Only composite.
  8. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    Hi everyone ! Some may have seen it, Joola has just announced the release of 4 new blades. It's a series with a more accessible price than the Dynaryz series, with an interesting design and composition. Vitor Ishiy and Deni Kozul (professional players) are already using them. The 4 blades...
  9. Andro All-wood Blades

    It's my post... 🥲
  10. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    Hi ! After the survey on all-wood blades, it's time to talk about inner carbon blades. Here is the list of the best known and most interesting models in this category. I invite you to share with us your preferences and if possible the reasons for your choice. Of course, you can suggest other...
  11. Joola Zhou Qihao Super AL-c 90 review

    What blade did you replace it with please?
  12. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    t's more complicated than that but yes this Donic blade is on my list. Unbeatable value for money it seems. In reality, if I have to focus on these two brands, it's for commercial reasons related to my job.
  13. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    I am trying to find among the Tibhar and Donic brands a viable alternative to the Innerforce ALC and the Hurricane Long V. For the moment I have only found this SK Hybrid AC blade which is still Made In Japan.. .but I have few user reviews...
  14. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    Quality level is very very correct, I have had several in my hands in recent days and the finishes are very good. Unfortunately, I can't play with it... and we can't use the HL5 and the W968 as a manufacturing quality reference, huh... (I'm not talking about efficiency) According to the few...
  15. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    I would like to collect information and opinions about the Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC blade. For those who don't know it, it's a top-of-the-range carbon blade from Tibhar with an innerforce type construction (carbon placed near the central ply) and a slightly longer surface than normal...
  16. Choice of all-wood offensive blade - Survey

    I planned to change my setup in july (too much change right now with my new club, new training method, new progression...), and at the moment there are two blade in my wish list : Nittaku Acoustic if I choose allwood blade, Tibhar SK Hybrid AC if I feel ok with carbone (I prefer inner). It's...
  17. Choice of all-wood offensive blade - Survey

    Very interesting ! Last 2 years, i played with Novacell Off, Sweden Extra, PG-7, Sanwei Fextra, Xiom Offensive S, ... and finaly Primorac Japan ( I have to test a lot of equipment). Actually, I don't consider myself ready for carbon but too limited in speed by my blade. According to your...
  18. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    11-9 Dan
  19. Easy-To-Use Tensor Rubbers

    In order to redirect the conversation a little towards the initial subject, we can consider a rubbers as "easy-to-use" when it is a modern rubber, easy to handle, with a slight catapulting effect resulting from a chemical treatment applied by the manufacturer. They are generally designed to...