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  1. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    That is really weird, in my experience STN is not a backhand rubber.
  2. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    That's unfortunate that you don't like it. I find looping against chop or push perfectly fine. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  3. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    Hurting your arm is a bit alarming, I have tried bad rubbers but never something that has hurt my arm. Give it a several more sessions to get used to, trust me it will break in. Also it sounds like you need to adjust your technique to use the rubber. Keep a closed bat angle with good brush...
  4. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    Yes, don't boost Stn, after a bit it will break in and turn into an ultra grippy state and then you will have a deadly spin and consistency machine, no booster needed. Just got Jupiter 3 in, going to try it out soon.
  5. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Thanks Turbo!
  6. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Well, it certainly is a bit unorthodox. It is an unwritten rule to be respectful to your opponent by waiting until they are in their ready position. IDK if they serve fast out of habit or if it is an explicit tactical thing to throw off the opponent. I play against a really fast and low toss...
  7. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Would one of you guys know which live stream video (or link to video) they played on so I can go back and watch the full match?
  8. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    The quadratic regression was correct given the data and for that range, and does what it is supposed to do (give you an expected value for that range). Thus the confusion when you called it "wrong". But you are right, logistic regression is the proper regression to use here, as it accurately...
  9. Yinhe rubber variation?

    I think glue sheet is so you can use less glue yourself. I think the difference is probably the hardness. But the "dry" different top sheet is weird. As for color, maybe a qc issue with how much coloring they put in for the different batches? I agree with Tony that this is an anomaly, the...
  10. Welcome to TableTennisDaily 3.0 - Bug Report

    Dan, small issue. When transitioning from full screen to a narrower column, there is a small portion where it looks like this: It is fine after shrinking the width enough, but there is just a small bit inbetween where it looks like this.
  11. Training with my OLD Stiga Carbonado

    I am not good enough to know :( random guess: hinoki? Please, I must know Victor! :P :)
  12. Dima on TTBL

    Wow, heavy words from Andreas, but perhaps understandable for the original post. In Dima's edited post the soft accusation is removed. What do you guys think? Should players have more freedom of playing in more leagues, or should they be restricted? From my perspective as a distant fan with no...
  13. Dima on TTBL

    (I think its because Lin is playing in T-league?)
  14. Dima on TTBL

    I see, thanks. I heard about Truls, but what about Lin?
  15. Dima on TTBL

    Here is the text I see on instagram: "A very tough defeat to take yesterday for our team and myself obviously very unhappy about my performance. Sport is very hard sometimes but we will learn from it and definitely fight for the CL title next year again. Congrats to Timo, Dang and Anton for...
  16. Which cleaner do you like?

    Do you wipe the foam away with the dense foam side?
  17. Long V vs. Harimoto Alc

    I dont have 09c or access to try it, so cant compare.
  18. Long V vs. Harimoto Alc

    Have you tried 09c? Might be a stretch, but if you have, how does it compare to bg 38? (Hardness, topsheet feel/tension, etc)