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  1. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    My prediction: 1. MI 2. CM 3. SYS 4. YMY
  2. 2020 World Tour Hungarian Open

    But change to who? I think anyone other than Harimoto are similar level. At least Niwa might have a better seeding.
  3. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    World Table Tennis Championships update amidst COVID-19 21 Feb 2020 The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has just been informed of the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Busan, Korea Republic, the host city for the Hana Bank 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships to be held...
  4. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    COVID-19 begins to spread in Korea too. So the closer question will be on the WTTC.
  5. Japan Women's Race to Tokyo 2020 Singles

    Even the coach, Mika Baba 馬場美香 (originally Mika Hoshino 星野美香) :)
  6. 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

    Poor Jeon Jihee. KNT didn’t even apply her for any women double or mix double in German Open and Qatar Open. Looks like they don’t plan to select Jeon Jihee for Tokyo 2020 either. Not sure if those applications were decided by Yoo Nam Kyu or the new coach Chu Kyo Sung. Looks like KNT is...
  7. Europe Top 16 Cup - 2020

    Any livestream?
  8. 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

    I think the name list of the Japanese men’s team and women’s are not updated yet. Looking at the prospectus, the final entry deadline was Jan 17 while the All Japan Championship only finished on Jan 19. That means JNT didn’t know who would be the champion back then when they submitted their...
  9. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    I am thinking, just in case Olympic has to be postponed for 1 year, how will that affect the CNT selection? ML, XX, DN, LSW will all be a year older...
  10. German Open 2020 They named the video incorrectly.
  11. German Open 2020

    Among R16 of WS, 10 CNT + 5 JNT. That’s crazy.
  12. German Open 2020

    Kanak Jha didn’t join the collab training thoug LOL...
  13. German Open 2020

    I have a question regarding the Olympic mix double qualification from this tournament. Supposingly, there are 2 spots to be qualified from this tournament. Does it mean only the finalists can be qualified? How about if one of or both the finalists are those already qualified? Will the spots be...
  14. German Open 2020

    For XD, the first round opponent of Mizutani/Ito will be LGY/SYS. What an unlucky draw for both pairs!
  15. German Open 2020

    Timo Boll: No idea what the percentage chance is, but I'm now running the 5th tournament in a row on Fan Zhendong in the earliest possible round! Well, first get through the 1st round and then we'll see.
  16. Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese TT Team

    Any official announcement that the Asian Cup will be postponed? Because JTTA just stated that they will still send players to join the Asian Cup (Hainan) and China Open (Shenzhen) since these 2 cities are far away from Wuhan.
  17. Japan Women's Race to Tokyo 2020 Singles

    I always expect Sato will be chosen over Kato for this remaining spot of the WTTC team. Sato has been always chosen for the major events including WTTC 2019 single and double, and the Team World Cup 2019.
  18. World Team Qualification Tournament 2020 | Tokyo Olympics

    If Korea has Jeon, they can put Suh on bench and let Jeon play 2 singles. Or they can use the same lineup vs Japan during the Team World Cup that Choi played 2 singles, and put Jeon partner with Shin for the double. It is so much more flexible when they have Jeon. Now without Jeon, Korea needs...
  19. 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

    That’s a breaking news. Apparently there were big arguments between Jeon Jihee and Yoo Nam Kyu after Jeon was not selected for WTTTC, and Yoo said only the WTTTC players will be the candidates for the Olympic Games. And looks like the Korean Table Tennis Association tends to support Jeon over...
  20. All Japan Championship 2020 Jan 13-19

    Looks like only covers the live stream of first 5 days. Any idea where can watch live for today and tomorrow?