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  1. Newbie questionnaire

    Forum posters should not be answering questions from newbies based on limited information. Because most often it turns into a matter of posters giving right answers for a wrong question I think newbies asking personal questions on forums must answer the Newbie questionnaire below first --...
  2. Old balls 40mm?

    BTW I assume you all know that the 40- ball (celluloid) is still perfectly legal in all ITTF tournaments This is the same stunt Adhamm Sharara pulled to pass the 40- ball in 2000 after it failed in previous BGM or AGM or whatever. He said 38 will continue to be legal. Then he cleverly dropped...
  3. Table tennis at the Commonwealth Games-2022

    Here is a video with a bit more after the match Was that Matthew Syed at 7:34 on the video Was it Aruna Quadri with earphones at 7:41 Was it Rajath Kamal at 7:50 , sitting next to Syed ? I never understood what happened at score 10-7. Liam stops the...
  4. Started Playing Again after 40+ years - What bat ?

    I used Butterfly SuperSriver a lot long ago as well for may years. Even though I know Sriver ( along with Mark V) was one of the best all around rubbers of all time, I preferred SuperSriver it produced lot more spin than Sriver I also used Feint Long, which was used ny 99% all choppers at the...
  5. Least Spin Sensitive Inverted Rubber 45-55 deg

    I was not looking for any anti info. I was only just joking about spin sensitivity Anyway TackSpeed 2000 is one of the most popular rubbers in China from 38 ball period for amateurs. I tried it but never continued with it because for forehand I want a more powerful rubber. On backhand I do not...
  6. Factory ReTuning question

    That still does not address my question as to whether (factory) tuning is same as boosting. Just a question , not blaming you. If boosting & (factory) tuning are not the same , what then is advantage of a tuned rubber. Assuming they mean the same, why would anyone engage in messy boosting then...
  7. Factory ReTuning question

    Now obviously I don't understand what tuning means. My understanding was that factory tuning means factory boosting of the sponge and this is why these rubbers come in a sealed package unlike most regular untuned rubbers. The boosters cannot last forever because if liquid, they must evaporate...
  8. Least Spin Sensitive Inverted Rubber 45-55 deg

    Any anti ? 😃 Seriously I assume you are talking about among spinny inverted rubbers. So based on that my theory is that any rubber that can produce more spin with any mechanism (top sheet or sponge or speed glue or boosting) will also be equally more sensitive to incoming spin. Of course most...
  9. Most spinny Yinhe rubber

    I was wondering which Yinhe tensor rubber (not tuned & smooth rubber only ) gives the maximum spin. I see 7 or 8 rubbers like Mercury, Moon, Saturn , Earth etc etc. Different reviews give different answers & not sure who to believe I see lot of players use these rubbers & I need the one with...
  10. Factory ReTuning question

    If I buy a factory tuned rubber and if the tuning wears off after a while, do I send the rubber back to the factory for retuning, unless I want to use a rubber with dead sponge ? Because I am told that chemical teratment of a rubber outside the facory is illegal
  11. How long before a tournament should we change rubbers?

    You almost never don't need to change if you are using Anti (with dampening or dead sponge) or OX or hardbat or sandpaper But if you are using a dead sponge anti, make sure you give it some natural solar treatment (leave it out in the sun) , since chemical treatment is illegal 😂
  12. Butterfly Ilius

    Is this out ? Anyone try this ?
  13. Large blades for slice play

    Do you (or anyone else) happen to have blade dimensions ( length & width) ? I have been disappointed many times with sellers claiming semi-larger blades to be oversized. Are there any other blades that are like this in size ? Thanks
  14. Large blades for slice play

    I play with slice style. I always liked playing using bigger blades but I cannot find any. I ordered two blades (Chinese) but they turned out to be wood & medium size. Is there a webste that shows the blades with sizes. I like carbon blades but I would settle for wood at this point.