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  1. New Equipment 2021

    From November 1st
  2. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    fck me, my cable provider switched streams from TT to football in the middle of the match ... 🙄
  3. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Pretty happy with the results overall. As expected Ma Long first (cause he is still the king), FZD second, Dima third (awesome surprise). Wished Hugo Calderano was closer to the top although..
  4. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Awesome!!! I think Dima shed a few tears for sure
  5. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Fxxxx me, the last 2 points were nerve wracking. What a chance Dima had
  6. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Last time Dima won 3 games in a match against Ma Long was in 2009 in Denmark 12 years ago!!! 🤩
  7. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    It was so close. Awesome semifinal!!! Good luck Dima!
  8. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    it's getting interesting 😅 FZD 3:3 Lin
  9. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Jorgic looked dead against Lin IMHO after victory against Harimoto...
  10. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    yes, Mima Ito is on fire 🔥 and maybe it would have been a better idea to let Mima Ito light the Olympic fire not Naomi Osaka 😁
  11. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    maybe 10 min ago, the ball rolled on the net for some 4 cm (hard to judge from TV) and landed on Jeon Ji Hee side
  12. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    How about Mima Ito net roller? 😅
  13. New Equipment 2021

    what? butterfly couldn't do that 😁😁😁
  14. Crazy new EU regulations

    Yes, why did they charge you now if the VAT starts from Jul 1st is a very very interesting question. Maybe you could file a complaint? Then they will be obliged to reply and write the reasoning for this (this would be interesting to know..) or change their decision I personally bought quite a...
  15. What's in Timo Boll bag -hilarious

    Don't know if this video was posted before (if so, I missed it), but it is hilarious IMHO 🤣
  16. Crazy new EU regulations

    yes, that sounds right. You paid around 20% VAT from 25eur, that's around 5 eur and the rest is handling fee for calculating and administering the VAT. Earlier under certain amount you did not have to pay VAT and this was a loophole. So EU changed that and from July 1 you have to pay VAT from...
  17. New Equipment 2021

    New from July 2021
  18. Will Ma Long be able to win this Tokyo Olympics 2020?

    I think it's about the time we stop questioning if the Olympics games will be held... the worst thing that may happen is that there will be no spectators whatsoever imho
  19. What is the best alternative for Tenergy 05?

    It's easy. The best alternative to Tenergy is Dignics. Ask Butterfly 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Glue advice please

    that's mind-boggling