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  1. (SOLD)

    or from Butterfly for 179€ incl. 19% VAT or around 150€ / USD 161 without VAT
  2. What year did Hurricane 3 come out?

    No exact dates on the official DHS website or just 2000 for H2 and H3 and 2008/2009 for the Neos
  3. 1980s Stiga Allround blade - worth reusing ?

    This could be an interesting blade for some collectors e.g. I would keep that blade and get a new Stiga Allround Evolution. Upgrade from Mark V could be either the Rakza 7 or the more controlled Rigan and Rigan Spin.
  4. Post your latest EJ purchase

    DHS PG3 and one of the red H8-80 37 (44g cut, the lightest one so far but also the one with the most brittle sponge). The H3 is from a different order ;)
  5. History in the making: Donic blade carrying a Malaysian TT player name

    Nope, Sanwei Fextra clone ;) "Technology: 7 veneers made of abachi (core ply), red abachi (3+5), limba (2+6) and limba (1+7)"
  6. Backhand rubbers? Is d09c too much for a beginner-intermediate player?

    Yep, 6 to 8 weeks was what I usually got out of ESN rubbers. But some rubbers needed a bit boosting in between... If we can wait for around a month than we might get a slightly softer and a lot cheaper option: Glayzer 09C (44.90€ in Germany vs 79.90€ for a Dignics 09C).
  7. Backhand rubbers? Is d09c too much for a beginner-intermediate player?

    1. D09C will be better for serving and short game than these bouncy ESN rubbers but 2. D09C might be rated slower than T05FX by Butterfly but has a much higher ceiling 3. can you engage the hard sponge (D09C = roughly 54° ESN) of the D09C enough to use its potential? There is a reason Ma Long or...
  8. Should I switch from S Classic Offensive to S Rosewood V?

    Be careful with the blade's weight. If you are now using a light OC say with 80g and get a not so rare RW5 weighing over 90g the difference will be quite large. TTGearLab did some nice tests on many Stiga blades: Speed: OC...
  9. Chat GPT in table tennis

    Yep, Question: "What are the substances used in table tennis boosters?" Answer: "... here are some of the most commonly used ingredients: 1. Toluene - Toluene is a solvent that is used to break down the rubber and make it more pliable. 2. Naphtha - Naphtha is another solvent that can be used to...
  10. Battle 3 now available on Aliexpress
  11. Battle 3 now available on Aliexpress

    How is the throw angle compared to boosted H3? B2 provincial had a noticeably lower throw. Just one month and someone could do the ultimate comparison test: D09C vs G09C vs H3 vs H2 vs B3 vs B2. Btw: I couldn't resist and boosted my 729 Dragon-Fs with two layers of Seamoon. Still harder than...
  12. Training with my OLD Stiga Carbonado

    Nope. YT "cheat": Pause video and then single step through the frames with , and . ;) Doesn't look like a V14 Pro handle or a Legacy Carbon (all black handle). Must be a blade with something shiny, golden on the handle like the ZJK ALC.
  13. Viscaria alternatives

    Both the Santoru and the ZX Gear have limba outer plies... Donic Skachkov Carbon, Donic (Baum) Esprit or Donic Original True Carbon. Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon Andro SYNTELIAC ZCO OFF/S (this and the Calderano HAL are more expensive than a new Viscaria without discounts) Yinhe blades are...
  14. Black Tag Primorac Off- suggestions?

    Some prices from a German forum: 2019 offered for 160€ In 2012 one could get one for 75€ One on 249.90€... funnily the original price is written on...
  15. Happy Birthday to TTD´s one and only Upsidedowncarl

    Dif-tor heh smusma and may the Vulkan glue be with you🖖 scnr
  16. Butterfly officially announces Glazer and Glazer 09C

    Seems like Butterfly committed to a price in Germany/Europe: 44,90€ incl. 19% VAT according to their answers on
  17. 999 Super999T

    I always thought that these were just different versions not different manufacturers.
  18. 999 Super999T

    They are still on the LARC Globe 999 Globe 999T
  19. 729/Friendship Dragon F and Dragon L

    I try to get my impressions on the Dragon-F right (we are currently in the second half of the season so I do not test or switch rubbers if I don't have to): Hardness is the easiest to answer: definitely harder than H8-80 37 and softer than H3 39. So 38° but maybe closer to 39° as far as my...
  20. Hurricane H3 with curly tail

    That should work if it contains the good old, non-health-preserving, substances as it did 30 years ago ;)