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  1. Quick poll on name on back of shirt!

    Timo Boll ...or T. Boll when you have a long name ;)
  2. Anyone use Tibhar MK rubber?

    Sure...check this thread:
  3. Rubber Recommendations on FZD SZLC

    I'm always surprised by posts like this. Buying a 350 USD blade and no clue what kind of rubbers to put on it. And asking people on a forum (who never saw you playing and don't know your skill at all) for advice on "what rubbers matches with blade xyz?" Tip: just try the rubbers you actually...
  4. Joola Rhyzen Ice and Fire Rubbers

    Thanks for the review Yogi
  5. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    It's not tacky at all, but it has a lot of grip.
  6. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    Used it for about 8 weeks (2x 2hr p/wk) and top sheets still looks very good. Reglued couple of times and sponge also looks good. So far, I'm happy with the durability.
  7. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    UDPATE: Tried the Hybrid MK on an all-wood blade for the past 3 weeks. Afraid of being too slow, I decided to go with my good old Infinity VPS (88gr). The Infinity VPS is what I would describe as a "nervous" blade for the short game. I was pleasantly surprised using Hybrid MK on the FH. The...
  8. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    MK has lower throw, is faster and generates bit more spin. Especially lack of sufficient speed of the Bluegrip S2, made me look for a replacement. And although the S2 doesn't have a lot of catapult, I had the feeling that the catapult sets in very late. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just a...
  9. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    Got them from tt-japan
  10. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    Never tried Hybrid K3 as I feared it would be too hard for my liking. When Tibhar introduced the Hybrid MK, I was curious so I purchased 2 sheets in 2.0mm. Current setup: Viscaria (87gr), FH: Bluegrip S2, BH: Hexer Grip. Played with the MK on both FH and BH a couple of weeks in the meantime...
  11. ? ? BTY Viscaria price increased massively

    💰 💸 BTY Viscaria price increased massively Just noticed that BTY increased the price of the Viscaria blade in Europe from 129,90 to 169,90 EURO 🤑 That's a price increase of 31% ! As all other ALC blades remained the same price, the only reason I can think about, is that Viscaria is still their...
  12. Long pips ox or sandwich?

    Hi, I have no intention to switch to long pips, but asking for my team member. :) He is using Tibhar Grass long pips with 0.5mm sandwich. Plays close the table, has a strong FH and uses his backhand (close to the table) to disrupt the rally. He does not attack with his pips. Question: Would he...
  13. Which one from 3 Inner carbon blades

    I tried the Rossi Emotion many years ago, but could not get used to the Hinoki outer ply. Hinoki is a very soft type of wood (500-800 lbf) and it holds the ball longer compared to other type of wood. Generally speaking, a softer blade is able to generate more spin. Soft blade with relative firm...
  14. Which one from 3 Inner carbon blades

    I can say great things about these 3 blades, however, that won't do you any good. Despite all 3 blades have carbon, they are very different blades (as mentioned by other forum members before). The questions you should ask yourself: Why are you looking for a new blade? What didn't you like of...
  15. Feedback and suggestions on my TT bats

    I have no experience on the chinese equipment, so I won't comment on these. 1) There is no such thing as good combo of blade and rubbers. A good combo, is a combo YOU feel comfortable with (despite what everyone else is saying) 2) Generally: yes. As tacky rubbers are not that fast so the...
  16. Tenergy 05 but less bouncy

    I agree on the G1, but Vega Europe is no way near a replacement for T05. It's much softer and slower. Instead, I like to suggest Joola Dynaryz ACC. Solid rubber, not crazy fast, decent amount of catapult but definitely not as "springy" as T05. Downside of Dynaryz ACC is its price: it's the same...
  17. Tactics Against Player with Long Arms

    Fully agree what has been said in this thread already: place the ball on his middle/in his pocket 👍
  18. Looking pure Wood blade for developing my skill , Korbel etc

    If I'm not mistaken the Mazunov is going (or already) EOL. Lovely old school BTY blade indeed, but like you said, it's for advanced players. It's a hard and fast blade, but even for plastic ball it's fast. Besides, it's pretty heavy and I haven't seen it below 95gr. Hence, >100gr is most common...
  19. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    Big shout out to Bernadette indeed! Amazing performance!
  20. Lebrun brothers join Tibhar

    Great game by Alexis indeed! Looks like he used Shang Kun Hybrid AC blade....or at least the same scales. We might see an A.LeBrun AC blade from Tibhar in time ;)