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  1. Darker 5 CNF

    i can post a private messages here when afro bro agree... But at the end it will be closed by this video and comment in it
  2. Question for our resident blade makers...

    it means you can do it your self (if you have experience of course ).... but in general they will get slippery after few minutes of playing .... no recommendations from me .
  3. Question for our resident blade makers...

    Never... But this type of handles is easy to do in your own shop. So why bother. Onthe other hand... If it's cheap why not.
  4. SDC Handmade Blades

    If you have good friend in shop and he is allowed to open packaging you can try it in the same way...
  5. SDC Handmade Blades

    These are ugly as hell... By design of course
  6. Impressive Korean Custom Blade Maker Vid

    Exactly ... this is just copy cat process without any deep knowledge about what they are doing ... I will never buy any cheap Chinese copy after i saw this .
  7. Hurricane 9 official news

    Anyone knows place in Europe where i can buy H9 ?Thanks
  8. Crispest Blade you have used

    Ieah, my full metal jacked blueprint.... There is nothing crisper thn that 😂
  9. Just got a Sanwei CC for $12

    Hl5 is using different fibers and top ply... Only to you know.
  10. FS: Handmade CASA Blade (Made in USA)

    (Made in USA)This supposed to mean what?
  11. SDC Handmade Blades

    I also did use Max 160gm2 carbon with the other bond for stronger feeling .. But mostly I'm try to use 90gm2/120 carbons.... I do not see usage for low or med players to use heavy carbons because they do not have strength and feelings for it.
  12. Is this good zlc?

    The resin is also very important... There can be big differences in stiffness and flexibility.... Some are used for airframe like ultra jets which needs really light weight and great flexibility.,others like for boats which needs great stiffness and do not care about the weight... Also the...
  13. Blade layers

    Limba can be bought also in 0.8mm and more 😁
  14. SDC Handmade Blades

    Is this joint on top ply from two veneers or single one?.... From esthetic side is this what gives the difference between custom and factory build.... Not to mention quality.
  15. SDC Handmade Blades

    The handle is Disgusting good... Congrats
  16. Question about glue (handmade blades)

    I give the answers with others in the threads before... I personally started a thread on it so please....
  17. Question about glue (handmade blades)

    You are just lazy to use search on this page....
  18. SDC Handmade Blades

    Love it man... Really beautiful...... But leather handle is leather handle.....