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  1. T League - Japan's New TT league

    When you will have understood you can create a topic on the french table tennis forum :p
  2. WIN a Boll ALC blade signed by Timo Boll!

    11-5, Timo wins.
  3. FS : Stiga Carbonado 45 master

    new price : 90€
  4. French National Championships 2017

    And Simon Gauzy loses against the young Alexandre Robinot who played an excellent match !
  5. French National Championships 2017

    Today Stephane Ouaiche and Tristan Flore already lost... Cassin is leading 3-1 against Mattenet !
  6. French National Championships 2017

    Men's singles draw : Women's singles draw : Men's doubles draw ...
  7. French National Championships 2017

    Now live a match between Mattenet and Cassin :
  8. FS : Stiga Carbonado 45 master

    Stiga Carbonado 45 : master, 94g, played only 2 hours> 90€ including shipping in Europe
  9. Out of this world backhand by Stephane Ouaiche!

    The same point from the other side (PPC Villeneuve camera)
  10. China Super League 2016 (CTTSL)

    this one is better : thanks janus :D
  11. China Super League 2016 (CTTSL)

    Please janus, don't leave us... your videos are so great !
  12. European Championships 2016

    is Gauzy so popular in Japan ? :D
  13. Win a signed Butterfly Tiago Apolonia ZLC blade!

    Men: Gold- Ma Long Silver- Jun Mizutani Bronze- Zhang Jike Women: Gold- Li Xiaoxia Silver- Ding Ning Bronze- Kasumi Ishikawa