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  1. WTT Cup Finals 2022

  2. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    Dimitrij beats FZD and goes straight to his phone to let Jenny know 😎
  3. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    2-1 to Dima!
  4. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    FZD 1-1 with Dima
  5. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    Dima so far 3-0 up, can he maintain it
  6. Liang Jingkun suspended

    This a joke or..
  7. Liang Jingkun suspended

    Which Hybrid is your favourite or which one do you think is best? Wonder what happens if you boost the hybrid rubbers, anyone here tried that?
  8. Harimoto beats Fan Zhendong 2022!

    This is the best i've seen Hari play in a long time. Reminds me of that time when he beat Zhang Jike
  9. FS: Lots of blades (30+) and rubbers (lost count...) US only

    There's the real reason... GF 😂😂
  10. YT channel got hacked by crypto people

    Is there anything we can do to help ?
  11. Liang Jingkun suspended

    I think this is one of the problems right... boosting is annoying plus many players don't know how to do it properly. When I have boosted rubbers in the past I don't always get my rubber the same each time which is annoying. Having rubbers you can just put on your bat and play is much easier.
  12. Liang Jingkun suspended

    Are the new European players (Truls, Darko, Lebrun brothers) catching the new young Chinese players? I feel 10 years ago the new generation of young Chinese players were always levels above the rest. The gap seems to be closer now 🤔🤔
  13. What's kou lei level compare to these china local leagues?

    The standard of play is so high. Kou Lei's opponent must be better than local league level in China? He must be a top provincial player?
  14. Truls Moregard is World Number 3

    So ITTF are branding the WTT ranking as the World Ranking? What is rating central, how can that ranking differ?
  15. What rubbers are faster than Evolution MXP?

    Have you tried these Xiom Jekyll&Hyde X47.5 rubbers ? Would are they closest to? tnx
  16. Truls Moregard is World Number 3

    Truls recent performances puts him 3 on the world rankings. It is refreshing to see Truls, Lebrun brothers and other young players coming through. Darko also. There a time when European hopes looked bleak..
  17. My Fan Zhendong ALC blade has arrived

    Looks so nice. FZD 😍 How does it play?
  18. Chamions League Team - DImitrij Update

    Dimitrij Ovtcharov latest facebook post: I am very happy to play for the German club TTC Neu-Ulm in the upcoming Champions League season. Thanks to Florian Ebner, we were able to put together a young but incredibly strong team (with Tomokazu Harimoto, Lin Yun-Ju and Turls Moregardh) in a...
  19. WTT Singapore Smash 2022

    Been very impressed with Aruna lately he beat Lee Sangsu. Tough draw loooks like he will have ma long next.