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  1. Beginner Basics and Fundamentals with Johan Hagberg

    Johan Hagberg coaches beginner level basics! Hello, I've been working tirelessly here in the US to try and broaden the audience and player pool for table tennis. I've gone to tons of events, met a ton of people and had a lot of fun along the way. I'm working on a new video series that...
  2. $100 gift card giveaway contest to Paddle Palace

    Haha I think I've seen you before but I can't see the profile picture. I'll study it when I get home :)
  3. $100 gift card giveaway contest to Paddle Palace

    Hello, in honor of getting my 500th follower on my @iluvpingpong instagram, I am promoting a $100 gift card giveaway contest to paddle palace. Go to @iluvpingpong on instagram and watch the 500 follower reel for instructions on how to win, and to see some special guest appearances from familiar...
  4. Who invented Ping Pong?

    I love your enthusiasm for TT in the US. But I do want more. I want table tennis in public schools, and I want the sport to be a serious college sport as well, it's only then will the US be able to compete at the top of international levels.
  5. US Open 2022

    Hi Victor! Big fan!
  6. Who invented Ping Pong?

    Is it a stereotype that can't be changed by showing people how amazing "ping pong" players can be? I don't think so. Thus my name @iluvpingpong and showing nothing but amazing ping pong/table tennis highlights. I got introduced to the game at work, no serious club type players but everyone was...
  7. Who invented Ping Pong?

    I have never had someone say anything regarding a negative stereotype about ping pong. I've seen a bunch of people have tables in their garages, play to 21 like old rules, but it's still the same game as table tennis, just without the coaching, fundamentals, or 'proper' technique. I've never...
  8. Who invented Ping Pong?

    I fail to see how whole countries calling a sport by the name it is called is creating a bad image for the sport. That's like saying Europeans are creating a bad image for football because they refuse to call it soccer.
  9. Kou Lei vs Ma Jinbao US Open 2022

    Ya MJB trained in China, came to America to coach, went back to China for 2 years to train some more, and is now a coach at 888 table tennis center in Northern California.
  10. Kou Lei vs Ma Jinbao US Open 2022

    Coming off of a loss at the LA Open in early December, Kou Lei seeks to avenge his loss to Ma Jinbao at the Semifinals of the US Open.
  11. Who invented Ping Pong?

    It seems like you love table tennis and you hate that people perceive it as a garage game. Great! So do I. That's why I'm combating the stigma by looking to own the word ping pong and showing people what happens when you bring proper strokes to thr sport. We can't just bundle all...
  12. US Open Rachel Sung vs Sally Moyland

    Lol, Yes i was. Thanks for the help!
  13. US Open Rachel Sung vs Sally Moyland

    Rachel has established herself steadily within the top 3 of women players here in the US while Sally at only 15 years young is taking giant leaps to one day be at the top. This is a Semifinals match of the US Open U21 Women's Tournament that took place last week.
  14. Who invented Ping Pong?

    I will always disagree with this. I think it's best we move forward and admit it's the same sport but table tennis players tend to separate the two as one being more casual than the other. I would like to hear how, aside from skill level, they are two different sports.
  15. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    Hey sorry Carl, the angry face was unintentional. I meant to do a thumbs up. 👍🏻 I'm new to the forum! Sorry for the confusion!
  16. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    Tawny also runs the biggest sanctioned tournaments in southern california monthly and is a regional director of USATT tournament events so she has a lot on her plate to keep table tennis growing. She really is highly regarded in the LA area.
  17. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    Tawny is extremely rusty from competitive play, she was in good spirits but was hilariously sucking wind just after the warm ups. You can see she didn't receive serves very well and she was really mad at herself. She is so competitive. I hope she continues to play as she is still quite a...
  18. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    That's so cool. I'm about to see Tawny right now, I'll mention this. Gao is the head coach at her own gym just a few miles from Tawny called California Table Tennis.
  19. Introduce yourself to the forum! :)

    Hello! People know me as Ozzie and I am pretty new to table tennis having been introduced in casual office play in july 2021 and one of my old roommates introducing me to the more competitive side of the sport and taking me to his, and now my home club Los Angeles Table Tennis Association...
  20. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. Do you remember where you saw Tawny play?