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  1. Largest Table Tennis playing crowd in Europe/USA

    Most (central) European countrys have quite a good TT-Base. At least it is much better than e.g. in the US. But the largest (and probably best) ist by far in Germany, then followed by France. Netherlands, Belgium, etc. of course also have many clubs and quite some good players. And don't forget...
  2. Challenger Series

    Of course Ryu won, not really a challenge for him ;) But he doesn't play WTTC so he has time and is in Ochsenhausen anyway so it was some easy money for him :)
  3. Training centres in France or Germany

    Not really, sorry :( I've never been there myself and unfortunately I also don't know any of the responsible people there.. Perhaps you'll find something if you google for Liebherr Masters College Ochsenhausen, that is the official name.
  4. Tiago Apolonia Leaving Ochsenhausen? WTF

    Hehe, that's true! I know some girls playing in the Düsseldorf area or training there at the time Maze was playing there, too. And he definitely made some moves to get the phone numbers from a few of them ;)
  5. Tiago Apolonia Leaving Ochsenhausen? WTF

    The transfer is known for quite some time but was officially confirmed just right now... Let's hope he doesn't do the same mistakes Marcos Freitas made for he is known to have been playing with high risks and request (too) much money and therefore broke up with some big clubs in Europe.
  6. Training centres in France or Germany

    In Germany there are Düsseldorf, Grenzau and Ochsenhausen as all time training centres and quite a lot of more training courses for 1 or 2 weeks all over the country :)
  7. My Best Of 2012/13

    Nice video, althought I dont like the frustration part ;) You should be old enough to not behave like this, as teammate it would kind of annoy me...
  8. Can Michael Maze still reach the top 15 ?

    There's a long Interview with Schlager in the current issue of the german tabletennis magazine :) It's about the WSA and about TT in general and of course himself.. And he prepares well for Paris, so we'll see what he can do ;) But of course it's not enough to to be a real threat to the top...
  9. Can Michael Maze still reach the top 15 ?

    No, he won't take part in Paris. As you can see in the official entrie list Denmark only registered Groth, Sternberg, Hindersson and Rassmussen as male players...
  10. Andro releases 2 new rubbers

    Rasant Powersponge will come in April, that's what i heard, too. Not sure about Turbo but could be as well... But I don't like the Rasant so who cares :D
  11. Challenger Series - LADY's - Tournament!

    Hm not really unknown names :P 5 of the 8 are (or were) playing in the german leagues :)
  12. Best Table Tennis site in the world

    Guess you are talking about tt-news ;) If you can speak german for sure the best TT-Forum that exists! From topics to local leagues up to ProTour Tournaments, many equipment reviews and discussions... So far there are more than 130.000 registered users and nearly 120.000 topics with over 2...
  13. make money playing in europe

    Hey you did understand the problem way faster than most of these team-managers ;)
  14. make money playing in europe

    No there is no rule that you have to play in a league that fits your playing strength :) Often clubs that got some money from a sponsor or private person and want to step up a few leagues fast get some players to play for them which are much too strong for this league.. For example Teodor...
  15. make money playing in europe

    Yes, you're absolutely right! If you are lucky you can find a club in Germany which pays you even 4 or 5000 Euro per year to play in the 4th or 5th division but it's by far not every club. And you have to be so good that you win almost all of your matches in this league :) But even if it is so...
  16. make money playing in europe

    One of the topics that always comes by from time to time :) Of course you can make some money if you are good enough but to make a living out of it is a bit different.. In the 2nd and 3rd league in Germandy there are several players from Eastern Europe who try to make a living out of their...
  17. Watch how Butterfly rubbers are made!

    Official sale starts mid January but some dealers already have them :)
  18. Watch how Butterfly rubbers are made!

    Sure they introduced Tenergy 80 ind its probably a really good one (cause its not so heavy as T05, but btw. the pips are not longer ;) ) but it's no reason to stop producing the Sriver Series. Butterfly makes a lot of money with Sriver and if you dont have any evidence i would stop spreading...
  19. Watch how Butterfly rubbers are made!

    Do you have any proof for this? Seems like a rumour to me which is far from being real... And it would be the worst decision Butterfly has ever made, would cost them lots of money and they are not that stupid ;)
  20. WIN signed TTD t-shirt XMAS 2012!

    I think the ball is number 7.