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  1. W968 alternative

    Donic Original Senso n1 😉
  2. WTT Singapore Smash 2022

    great Fan
  3. What blade is this?

    sorry, I read sell ahahahah! if I find something similar to this blade which I doubt I'll say. big hug
  4. What blade is this?

    to me it looks like any blade painted at home (the lines are all crooked). Don't show your face for that sale, let your friend sell
  5. Viscaria vs Harinoto ALC vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC

    in your situation I was waiting for Fan Zhendong's blade to choose later between the blades you want. I don't know Harimoto Alc. The Ovtacharov inner alc I have one and it has great control but it's a very direct blade with the ball and shoots a lot from below, well used it's an impressive...
  6. Tabletennis11 expensive

    Here in Portugal 23% vat
  7. Tabletennis11 expensive

    As for rubbers I don't know, but the DHS W968 is the limited edition and not the normal edition which costs 150 Euros
  8. D09c vs H3Neo vs Rakza Z

    Sponge Hardness taken on by Butterfly from D09c is 44 degrees. I have the 2 rubbers and I played for some time with rakza z, today they are in a petr korbel that I can lend to friends to play against me. Rakza Z for me has a serious problem, it doesn't transfer the sensitivity of the ball to the...
  9. Forehand rubber recommendation

    I really liked your testimony, it's really a charm to know other game philosophies. I'm 46 years old and play table tennis for 30 years, with some stops and starts in between. Today with 2 daughters and a wife at home I need table tennis so I don't hear them at home hahahahahaha It's my therapy...
  10. Forehand rubber recommendation

    It's a point of view, I don't actually buy material over the Internet! If so, it's actually cheap. Although buying 4 rubbers is an investment to stick with that rubber for a long time not to lose the money. Especially for use in FH. The good thing about this sport is that people think...
  11. Forehand rubber recommendation

    I must have explained myself wrong, when I wrote beginner I didn't mean like a kid starting out. For that I even recommend Joola all 4 you! For beginners but with some practice I still think that Dignics 05 is not an impediment to play, on the contrary it is a rubber that makes you want to take...
  12. Forehand rubber recommendation

    Hi AndyK, How long does a Rakza 7 last? which costs 53$ and how long does an 87$ Dignics 05 last? And how much money do you spend on rubbers until you get evidence that Butterfly's rubbers actually have no competition? The Rubber Dignics 05 is practically perfect, and it's perfect for a...
  13. Forehand rubber recommendation

    tenergy 05 or Dignics 05, I have this blade and it's pretty straightforward, don't buy the tenergy 19 for this blade because it has a lower arc and it gets harder in stressful moments during the game. when you master the blade well put Bh Dignics 09c and fh dignics 05 you get a hell of a machine
  14. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Good morning Shine, I have no problem giving and receiving opinions about material, it even helps me a lot to decide what I'm going to buy to try out. We are talking about a gold medal in the Olympic games where I believe the final was combined with Ma Long winning! My basis for saying this is...
  15. Butterflys MYSTERIOUS New Blade | Revoldia CNF Review

    Hi Dan, can you help me? is the bow of the butterfly Revoldia CNF higher than the bow of the Butterfly Ovtacharov innerforce alc? best regards from Portugal
  16. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    this is the president of china Xi Jinping, looks like a clone of Ma Long! The answer must be here
  17. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Good afternoon Shine, both our opinions are merely speculative and personal. I keep my overcoat because I know the Chinese hierarchy well and I have business relations with China. You as a Russian citizen should have more empathy for my opinion. I also know Russian politics.
  18. Recommended Paddle for an Intermediate player

    Butterfly Petr Korbel made in Europe or Yasaka ma lin extra offensive I have both and I like them a lot. Korbel is more solid and has better control and Yasaka has more bounce. The one I actually recommend would be Viscaria, but it's more expensive.
  19. Where is Donic Ovtcharov No.1 senso available?

    take advantage if it is in stock, the new blade the Donic Original Senso n1 is not equal.
  20. Where is Donic Ovtcharov No.1 senso available?