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  1. World Team Table Tennis Championships-2022

    The coach tested positive, and Lin cannot play because of that? Strange...
  2. World Team Table Tennis Championships-2022

    Any idea why some important players did not play for their country in important matches? They are on the list though. 1. Paul Drinkhall against Poland. England lost 3-2 with Pitchford winning 2. 2. Jonathan Groth against Brazil, with brazil winning 3-1. 3. Khanak Jha against Thailand. USA...
  3. 2020 China National Championship

    I just checked, but he played his last international matches in 2014. Why does he not play anymore? he seems stronger than ever? Maybe practicing back in China.
  4. Various national championships 2020

    Cédric Nuytinck wins in Belgium against Florent Lambiet. 4th title in a row for Cédric!
  5. How to maintain level with infrequent play?

    In the beginning it will drop, then aften a while you are used to play less and you wil get back at the level you had (almost, not completely). The thing to keep the competition level is to practice what you use in matches, serve return and third ball. Your consistency will drop for sure.
  6. How far apart should your legs be?

    hahahhaa. I hope this is a joke, and it is a good one ;)
  7. Bandana Timo Boll

    Thanks for the information guys. But I don't think they look like the ones Timo wears...
  8. Bandana Timo Boll

    I have to admit, it will be mostly a fashion statement :D I like the warrior look. And Timo is playing better since he wears it, so I'm hoping for quick results ;) (just kidding)
  9. Bandana Timo Boll

    Hi! Does anyone know where to find headbands like Timo Boll? Thanks
  10. China Open 2019

    If you realize that Ma Long won 28th Opens when all other chinese were present, it is even more crazy. Most of Vladi and Timo's victories were without chinese. Ma long is the GOAT
  11. World Table Tennis Championships 2019

    I hope franziska can do well. He deserved it Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  12. World Table Tennis Championships 2019

    The problem is not with the referees per se. It is just that it is VERY unclear for everyone. If you can serve like you want throughout the whole year, and then at the WTTC your serves get called (not even correct IMO), then it ruins the game
  13. World Table Tennis Championships 2019

    They are calling many serves... I already saw it against Boll (!) and Cedric Nuytinck! Destroys the game... Timo's throws the ball high enough imo, and cedric too... Boll almost lost to Gacina because of that. I think ITTF should maybe consider for all serves to be legal again
  14. Hungarian Open 2019

    Ittf is very slow this tournament with the update of results
  15. Japan National Championships 2019

    Any detailed results? I cannot read the website... :p
  16. Camera equipment to record trainings and matches

    Thanks for the feedback. I have got a I phone X, so this might work. But is it not a problem to store the data? I mean, the length of the video's is pretty long...
  17. Camera equipment to record trainings and matches

    Hi everyone I would like to start recording some matches of mine, and some trainings. Just for fun, and also to adjust some mistakes I make. So much easier to see frmo yourself on video. Is there anyone who can recommend what type of camera,...? Not too expensive, just regular quality is fine...
  18. Average age of top-20 table tennis players: do you think it has risen or declined?

    Your post gives all good points, very nuanced. There are indeed many factors. The bal changes, rallies are longer, intenser, but everyone is also physically better. Maybe backhand to backhand play became a lot easier, and turning around to take fforehand is not so necessary anymore. Very complex...
  19. China Super League 2018

    Is there any video of the misbehaviour?