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  1. Need Advice on Dealing with Nervous Tension During Crucial Table Tennis Matches

    Hey @Oras There have already been many fantastic contributions to improving your nerves and tension during big matches. I have this exact same problem especially when we have 8 cameras on the main table during a TTD Team episode 😅 The captain of our team, says... they might be a good player...
  2. Trojan on TTD?

    Hey everyone, @Tony's Table Tennis The developer has done a full scan of the site and there are no trojans. What he is working on is removing the spam bots signing up to the site. The spam bots are able to create a status currently and they are putting links on their status. Will have a fix to...
  3. Dan

    editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀

    editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀
  4. Talkin' Smash Table Tennis Podcast

    Max the legend! Looking forward to tuning into this one!
  5. Trojan on TTD?

    Thanks for this @Tony's Table Tennis and everyone else :) The developer is looking into this as we speak.
  6. Hello from France!

    Welcome @conangray 🏓:)
  7. I Challenged The STRONGEST Ping Pong Hustler in New York!

    Hey guys! We are in New York, it's 2am, and I’m challenging New York’s best table tennis hustler Kiki. First to 11 points wins. Let’s see what happens! Check out our latest Pro's vs Public $1000 Challenge when we took on the people of New York.
  8. Talkin' Smash Table Tennis Podcast

    Thanks for having me on the show Matt! Glad you noticed you hadn't hit record only 5 minutes in 🤣 Fun times! 🙌
  9. Pros Vs New York Ping Pong Hustlers For $1000!

    Perhaps in the future we will do another in New York 💪 I'll post on here if we do:)
  10. WTT Feeder Manchester Feb 2024

    Hey guys ill be there on Sunday to catch the finals. See you there! 🏓 Who's going?
  11. 10 Tips To Become A Better Table Tennis Player Quickly | Part 2

    Hey everyone! So a few years back we released the 10 tips that will improve your table tennis quickly! Here's the part 2 edition! What other table tennis tips do you think are key to improving quickly? 👇🏓
  12. I Played Vs 5x World Champion Jorgen Persson

    Hey guys!! Today we’re joined by an absolute legend of the game, 5 x World Champion Jorgen Persson! Jorgen Persson won the singles event in 1991 and won the team event for Sweden alongside Jan Ove Waldner and others a staggering 4 times! In this video, I do some training with Jorgen, he shows...
  13. WTT Finals Men Doha 2023

    I was just wondering this haha. So it looks like it's the WTT Finals of 2023, however its going to take place early January 2024.
  14. WTT Finals Men Doha 2023

    Some big clashes there!
  15. Virtual Reality | ELEVEN Table Tennis

    Anyone tried Quest 3 yet with Mixed Reality?
  16. TTD Team KNOCKOUT Tournament 2023

    Hey @exotick Callum is using a Viscaria Super ALC with 09C on the forehand and D05 on the backhand.
  17. TTD Team KNOCKOUT Tournament 2023

    Hey guys, sorry I made a mistake in that YouTube comment. Dane has recently changed to 09C on the forehand from T05, that's why he was twiddling to his backhand rubber (T05) for smashing.
  18. What are your TT goals for 2024?

    Hey Ghostzen, definitely! 3 is a very good number, the difficulty I'm having is getting the match/tournament practice in, but going to work on that! Hope you're good 💪
  19. What are your TT goals for 2024?

    Loving your goals guys! My goal is to win the TTD Team knockout 😅 My main goal is to get 3 solid training sessions in a week plus more tournament and match practice.
  20. I Played Vs French Champion Simon Gauzy

    Hey guys, recently I travelled to the Ochsenhausen Table Tennis Club in Germany to hang out with the 3x French Champion Simon Gauzy! In this video, I did some training with Simon, he shows me how he does some of his INSANE trickery shots and we take a look at his racket setup, including the...