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  1. typical semi-beginner questions

    Hello Andre74. As I read about your case it reminds my exactly my case. I had the exact same problems as yours. I started tt after 20 years away from the tables with a carbon bat and donic barracuda at both FH and BH. It didn't go well so I change the bat to a stiga offensive classic and my FH...
  2. Old vs New Stiga OC

    Yes it has a hollow feeling, so you probably won't like it.
  3. old Stiga Ulf Tickan Carlsson /the same like stiga alser with tickan carlsson handl/

    Good condition? I think it is broken. I can see there is a crack.
  4. Balls hitting the edge of the racket

    Same problem when I wear foot weights. I am struggling to move, my footwork is poor and I get a lot hits at the edge of the blade. When I play without them the problem disappears. So I would say it is due to poor footwork.
  5. Ask Kalinikos Kreanga a question!

    When he will visit Corfu for holiday? We have a small team here and we would like to drink frape with him.
  6. Looking for a Speed based Rubber

    Donic Baracuda
  7. EJ dust spraying is killing off valuable TT forum contributors

    Yes you are right. It was the combination a disaster but also any carbon blade I have tried so far, none of them had the 'feeling' i wanted. And that is not only a issue with the modern blades but it was the same 20 years back. I believe for someone to use a carbon blade must practice at least...
  8. EJ dust spraying is killing off valuable TT forum contributors

    I started playing tt from 1989 and i stopped almost 10 years later because I had to study something (every Greek that respect himself, do that). I can say I played very well and my technic was pretty good. All those years I changed two bats. From tibhar G.Bohm allround (5ply) to tibhar Charly...
  9. How to return a fast short pendulum serve to the wide bh

    Not yet but I will try to do something about it:)
  10. How to return a fast short pendulum serve to the wide bh

    I think I had the same problem and the solution I found was to move quickly and do a really fast FH topspin OVER the table (and try to make it on his FH, parallel to the table). It is difficult in the beginning and needs a lot of practice, but if you find the way, you will see it is a very...
  11. Technique to counterloop opening loops against backspin

    Just drive the ball to where you like. like a normal 'drive'. You can also try to smash the ball (that is what I do) but then be prepared for a very fast return.
  12. Good tabletennis shoes

    I got a slazenger for squash and badminton which I bought from science direct. Before that (20 years ago)I had some stiga shoes which i don't remember the name. Slazengers are better than stigas (quality, feeling...). By far the best choice I made regarding table tennis equipment.
  13. Allwood for FH oriented and Composite for BH oriented players

    I believe it is the opposite, regarding close or far to the table. Players that play far away are using faster blades and players that play close to the table want slower blades with more control (exception are the defensive players). When you play close to the table the points tents to be fast...
  14. New 2019 ranking is published

    Calderano is also in an impressive rank!!!
  15. Hello fron Spain!

    hello muley39. keep up the good work. :)
  16. from passive to active(part)

    Hello to you too. Merry christmas
  17. What is your favourite brand?

    Stiga blades and Butterfly rubbers
  18. Hello from Greece

    Loopadoop, nice one;). You should also see the blade I was used until now, a Tibhar Charly Roesch. Probably older than most of the people in here, but I still can set the ball on fire:cool::cool:.
  19. Hello from Greece

    Ridthekid, yes it is:)