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  1. Tricky question about a head heavy Cybershape Wood!

    I just started testing the cybershape wood and I don't find it headheavy at all. It feel great in balance. Maybe the handle is thicker so he picks it up different? My cybershape was 87gr and 152 with rubbers (long pips so lighter). But if he feels pain he should not use it. I had the same with...
  2. I wanna play with the big boys!

    I realy don't understand these remarks people make. If you never played pips this is the worst advise .... Just hold you bat against a ball and the others make mistakes? If you go to higher levels they will crush LP players that just block a ball.
  3. Aesthetically, what’s the most beautiful blade in your opinion?

    Andro Kanter FO. All black with grey and only 62 gr.
  4. Hurricane 8, underrated, overlooked rubber?

    I never had a rubber that went bad so fast.
  5. Timeout tips?

    I never have called for a time out in my life. My teammate sometimes calls a timeout when I am in a mental bad way. Game/match is not going as planned, making many mistakes ...... He than talks to me but I never can change the mood/feeling in a time out. I just don't think about it. It's not...
  6. Red or Black rubber on FH

    When I started playing many players at my club used red on the FH. I wanted to be different and started using Black. Once they glued the rubbers on the wrong side but I just couldn't play it that way and changed it. It's just a mental thing, but I don't care. Black has to be on FH else I can't...
  7. Rubbers on fh with lower throw arc

    I like low arc as well en used DHS skyline rubbers. But they are not fast and hard. I can't play with hard because most have high arc. I am now using Tibhar Evolution FX-S. soft (42) but great low arc.
  8. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    We have our own clubhouse. We are open 7 days a week. Well not in the summer. If there are not many wanting to play it stays closed.
  9. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    3 hours before a club? In 3 hours you can drive everywhere in my country and join 155 clubs :). We have almost in every little town a club. In bigger city's even more than one. I have family in Australia that came for a visit. They where surprised how close everything is :D.
  10. Ball and LongPips

    But I don't want to put my teammates in a disadvantage. So than I just go for the DHS balls as I liked these before.
  11. Ball and LongPips

    So for me as a LP player I best can use the softer Butterfly Balls. Or are the differences 2 small for and intermediate player to notice?
  12. Ball and LongPips

    I'm not at a high level. I need 2 more championships to go to the national leages :). That's not what I will manage :). This is already high level for me. At other venues (thx, didn't come up with the correct word) they use their own ball. But often if you ask to play with the 'better' ball...
  13. Ball and LongPips

    It's not to us to use any ball we want as long as we agree. We have to follow our nttb rules. If I don't play leage I can do whatever I want. If I practise and play with the same ball we might have an advantage during home matches and tournements. Same goes for tables. We have slow tables...
  14. Ball and LongPips

    Yeah it's a bit confusing :). For the new season all the high level players have to use ittf apporved balls with seam. For the lower levels (so local competitions) the have exception for the 4 practise balls as many clubs bought many for it for competition. But the season after everybody should...
  15. Ball and LongPips

    I don't know why they did. We can use any ball on the ittf list, but with seam. I always used the dhs practise balls. The 2 star. For now they are allowing for clubplay/competition the next 4 only. (for next season) Gewo Training Club 40+ Kinson 40+ Three Ball P Tibhar Basic 40+ (These are used...
  16. Ball and LongPips

    There is a butterfly shop near me as well. But I don't hear very good things about them. They have R40+ for 22,95 per 12. Or the G40+ for 17,90 per 12.
  17. Ball and LongPips

    I don't have a shop here I can get them. I could use a webshop but with postage it's same price as the other 2.
  18. Ball and LongPips

    In our country we can only use balls with seam. I play not at a very high level (around 1200/1250). I used to play our matches with DHS balls. But they are not on the allowed list anymore. So I want to buy new balls. I buy balls for the whole team but only for matches so we play with the same...
  19. Koki Niwa Wood or Tibhar Force Pro Black edition

    I moved the MX-S to the Victas frame, but also my Andro Treiber FI frame arrived. With rubbers total weight was 151. So 9 gram heavier, but it feels less. Also when you take it in your hand it feels so much better. Maybe because i'm used to the Andro Kanter FO. And it played perfect for me. FH...
  20. Koki Niwa Wood or Tibhar Force Pro Black edition

    haha NP. Never tried any Omega. They don't have it at my shops where I get all tt stuff.