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  1. new equipment for 2022/23

    Hurricane 9 with different colors
  2. Production date

    Does anyone knows where I can find the production date of the rubber in the package or online?
  3. Durable rubbers

    What are some good durable rubbers. ESN preferably
  4. What is it specifically that you like about Table Tennis?

    I like like and hate that you can customize and there is so much different equipment to test and to spend money on. I like the feeling of winning after a ling rally and hitting that forehand loop with your arm fully extended while running to get the ball. A lot of tricky things to make the...
  5. Pongfinity Sensei

    Also, 1.9mm rubber on both sides (guess are the same rubbers)
  6. EuroJap rubber for FH

    But isn't this rubber from a long time ago? I am thinking about of newer rubbers
  7. EuroJap rubber for FH

    Oh, glad somebody remember me! haha, so embarrassing. Anyways, thank you for the suggestion of the rakza 7, I wonder if the newer versions are better, but good to know.
  8. EuroJap rubber for FH

    So I don't think I am good enough to play with chinese rubbers, which are hard and after some months without playing I couldn't play fh at all. So, is there any fh eurojap rubber recommendation for a beginner or relearner? 40euros , 50 euros max
  9. Best Tennis Rackets Under $100?

    Yeah, the sun is round and hot and make the planet warm
  10. After boosting has gone from DHS H3 NEO what have you got ?

    Never played with h8, but it is the dhs's solution for the booster ban
  11. All+/Off- blades with Hinoki top veneers and inner/outer composition layers

    Is dangerous to play with a hinoki outer layers blade, after a time playing with regular blades its feel very weird
  12. After boosting has gone from DHS H3 NEO what have you got ?

    Play hurricane 8 maybe
  13. Robot purchase for home use

    What is the price without the shipping fee?
  14. Me playing and loosing sindrome

    Thanks for pointing out
  15. I prefer to watch ML & FZD for the 1000th time than any other TT players

    What are the differences in the chinese technique and the european, based on the equipment (hard tacky rubbers and springy softer rubbers)?
  16. I prefer to watch ML & FZD for the 1000th time than any other TT players

    Me fala que jogo brasileiro e interessante cara
  17. Hi I am Lazer

    Just old people and mid aged people play en style now, but almost all of them play jpen there are also some young people who use jpen
  18. Hi I am Lazer

    I think when the wood get dryer it get harder and stiffer, in other words faster, as the water in it has been all gone away
  19. Not sure between Timo Boll ALC or ZLC

    Some people would just say to get an all wood blade and I will agree with it, you are still working on ball placement
  20. Me playing and loosing sindrome

    Yeah I agree with the bending knee thing but I always forget during the match, and the weight transfer/upper body movement I am trying to work on it