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  1. Butterfly to relaunch custom-made blade service.

    Well come blades are only available in shakehand for example. There will be penholders who might want those blades if they can be made in penhold.
  2. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    Oh no! I have been playing illegally all this time! Trying playing in humid Singapore without perspiring. I know I have sunblock on my face and oh moisturiser as well. I just check the ingredients list and there are a bunch of chemicals!!!! So sweat that gets on my hands or rubber when I...
  3. 2024 WTT Champions Incheon 03.27-03.31 Korea

    Watching FZD walk and play at Singapore Smash, I sort of suspect that he was still nursing a slight knee injury. Before Smash he had been wearing a knee brace for a while. He also seem to loose steam after game 3 or 4 recently. It all points to his knee injury still not fully healed? Could be...
  4. Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon

    I agree. My ovtcharov is actually a few grams Lighter than my Felix and it still feels harder and faster. Even my viscaria feels softer
  5. Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon

    My Ovtcharov is thicker and quite a bit harder/faster then the Felix hyper.
  6. Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon

    I manage to get signatures of world number 5 and 10 penholders on this blade!
  7. WTT Singapore Smash 2024 3/7-3/17

    I have been watching many games live at a good angle to see what is actually happening. Even SYS was warned once for not moving her none playing arms fast enough and partially blocking the ball. Guess what after the call out, her none moving arms move Out of the way super fast every single...
  8. WTT Singapore Smash 2024 3/7-3/17

    Do not think there is a age limit. As I understand it on a volunteer basis. Some could just be willing to be a ball boy to watch the matches up close!
  9. WTT Singapore Smash 2024 3/7-3/17

    LGY was also pretty listless and not attacking many long balls yesterday and out. Could be going around the chinese players at the moment.
  10. Help choosing Dynasty Carbon or DHS Hurricane Long 5X (Ch Pen)

    I agree. The outer ply from the Dynasty carbon is very prone to peel off when removing rubber. It also has a "larger" handle compared to the Long 5. It has much less vibration compared to long 5 or 301z. I also prefer 301z. For some reason, I feel that the long 5 especially the newer ones has a...
  11. DHS 37d rubbers for bh

    I tried them all as well. But after trying Hurricane 3-50, I think it’s better in feel and speed and without the need for boosting as well!
  12. Xuperman Powerplay-x: A Rubber by Xu Xin

    I think it probably more of my technique and the combined hardness/softness of the top sheet with the sponge that somehow means my current stroke just is not Good. On Hurricane 3, I almost never have the ball in the net but more often have it fly out of the table. H3 just grabs the ball too...
  13. Xuperman Powerplay-x: A Rubber by Xu Xin

    I have the same issue as you in backspin. I have never played with a rubber where I had the ball in the net so often as i have been experiencing for this rubber. It’s almost strange. But I love everything else in this rubber. The low arc, the loops and spin and serves.
  14. Why haven't SEA countries had many strong TT players?

    Isaac Quek from Singapore is at 52. He is only 17 and won the under 15 boy championship if I recall
  15. Meet TTGPT - Your Advanced Table Tennis Coach and Strategist!

    It seems be only available to plus members?
  16. Loki W81 SP Inner AC Blade

    Hey! It’s Wang Hao 😹😹
  17. Yet Still More Table Tennis Tips

    Is there going to be a kindle version?
  18. Are Lebrun brothers just developing a permanent reputation for bad sportsmanship?

    What FZD did is probably against the rules but probably unintentionally from my years of watching him play. He probably thought he hit a winner and "Chooed" too early before/during or just after Alexis contacted the ball (subjective) Take note of ITTF rules. Rule 2.09 states - The rally shall...
  19. Don't blame the rubber if you don't get enough spin.

    Perhaps this latest current video in a interview from Xuxin who is widely known as the best looper/spinner can shed some light on the max spin rotation per second a player can spin. He clocks in at 170 rotation per second.
  20. Why do only Chinese players use DHS rubbers?

    Well Kasumi and Hayata are some of the none Chinese players using Hurricane 3 on their forehand. I am sure there are others. I believe many of the singaporean players use Hurricane 3 as well although none of them are in the top 30 at this stage