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  1. Oshima Vs Harimoto 4:3
  2. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    You can watch the unedited game here: ITTF is actually editing/reducing the world finals on its' site! Too bad, I shouldn't swear on a public site.
  3. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    What complete failure is the ITTF or the Korean federation handing to the world of Table Tennis? Look at the almost non-existent crowd in Korea for the wonderful game between Harimoto and Fransiska!! Pathetic.
  4. 2018 World Tour Standings, finals in Korea

    Belarus open and finland open do not count? Right, along with over 100 opens not in the World Tour, like the English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Mexican, Brazilian, Nigerian, Egyptian, Indian, etc, Here's the list for the World Tour (no idea how the list is made): No. Date Tournament...
  5. 2018 World Tour Standings, finals in Korea

    Dec 13-16 Qualified players in Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles Following players have been entered for the 2018 Seamaster ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in Incheon, Korea Republic according to the World Tour Standings list published on November 12th, 2018...
  6. Austrian Open 2018

    Fan, Lin, and Liang are registered to play in Austria, so the whole Chinese team can play in the December finals in Korea !
  7. T League - Japan's New TT league

    Personally, I find world class table tennis to be better than boxing, tennis, pool, or soccer, but that's just me, and I love all four.
  8. 2018 World Tour rankings

    Here are the official World tour Rankings, with 2 tournaments remaining. Note that many Chinese players are currently Not Eligible due to less than 5 events. After Czech Open – Men <tbody style="-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; box-sizing: border-box;"> Rank Events Name Association Points...
  9. European Championships 2018

    Samsonov beat Ovtcharov, 4 to 2 to get into the quarter finals!!!!!
  10. European Championships 2018

    All I get on the Laola1 channel is betting card games with women with giant boobs. I'm near New York. Looks like some idiot is selling the rights to gambling idiots.
  11. To play in the World Tour Final in Korea in Dec, only 2 official games are left

    Numerous Chinese top players must play in Sweden, Oct 29-Nov 1 and Austria, Nov 8-11 to play in the Dec World Tour Finals in Korea. Xu Xin has played enough already.
  12. The ITTF World Tour current rankings

    As far as I know, there are only 2 events left in the official tour, Sweden and Austria, so the top players with less than 5 events will have to go to be eligible for the finals. Not a well-planned series.
  13. The ITTF World Tour current rankings

    Here's what we are looking at (NE stands for Not Eligible yet to play in the finals in Korea in Dec., you need 5 min. events): Rank Events Name Association Points 1 6 XU Xin CHN 1325 2 3 NE FAN Zhendong CHN 1050 3 4 NE MA Long CHN 1039 4 7 HARIMOTO Tomokazu JPN 738 5 3 NE LIN...
  14. The ITTF World Tour current rankings The World Tour rankings take out the European prejudices of the ITTF.
  15. Ma Long interviews, matches and beyond

    $440 for no racquet and no balls? I think not.
  16. Awesome finish to the Nigerian Open. Beautiful finish game in Nigeria.
  17. Ma Long is the best player in the world

    "the real question is: why does Ma Long not even have 8 results in the past year. Why doesn't Ma Long have 12 or 13 results so he can drop the weaker point scores?" - Carl Maybe marriage and a baby.
  18. Ma Long is the best player in the world

    I mean right now. It sure would have been great to see Waldner and Ma Long, seven games ending at 10 to 9
  19. Ma Long is the best player in the world

    The amazing 15 year history of Ma Long:
  20. Ma Long is the best player in the world

    Why is the ITTF system getting it wrong over and over? Ma Long is the best. We all know that.