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  1. Table tennis collect

    good night! I am new to the forum and I would like to know if there is any collector. I collect totally different balls. I also collect shirts from players. Here I send a picture of the balls, and if anyone, in any of the things I do not have, will accept it for making changes. thanks!
  2. Hi people!

    I play with Nittaku violin, And I have 2 tenergy 64! :)
  3. Hi people!

    Hi! My Name is Pep, and I'm from in Catalunya (Spain) . I'm table tennis player, And I collect t-shirts of best players and differents balls.
  4. Collection of balls

    thankyou Lolman! If you can help me... :)
  5. Collection of balls

    Goodnight everybody! Some time ago I started collecting table tennis balls , and I wonder if anyone else collections and if possible changed. Here are my collection