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  1. Backhand tospin against backspin

    Hi, does anyone have a right tutorial about bh topspin against backspin. I have a huge problem with that. I have tried every way to do that but none of that seems like it work. The ball is slow and it do not have a huge amount of spin - more like empty. The best way that i have reatched is just...
  2. Stiga Clipper CC rubbers

    Hello, I want to ask about what rubbers do you guys is using with Stiga Clipper CC. Personally, I'm going with Stiga Mantra M on BH and Tenergy 05 on FH. Does anyone have tried hybrid on this blade? Also, I need to know what are your's feeling about this blade. I think it's great but something...
  3. Table Tennis Clothing

    Someone know, where to buy cheap clothing? I mean like Donic, Tibhar or Butterfly. It's very expensive to spend 50$ on t-shirt.