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  1. Advice for table tennis shoes

    thx that helps a lot
  2. Advice for table tennis shoes

    thanks but i dont think i will get that type of shoe, but since you said you are a shoe nerd, could you tell me anything about the shoes i mentioned or any other reccomendations if you have?
  3. Advice for table tennis shoes

    Also does anyone know if butterfly vilight shoes are suitable for people with flat or wide foot?
  4. Advice for table tennis shoes

    what about the durability?
  5. Advice for table tennis shoes

    Im looking at shoes such as Xiom FT Igre Andro cross step 2 Tibhar mesh flexlight 2 Mizuno crossmatch sword Mizuno plio rx4 Can anyone compare them or give me reviews on them? or suggest me any shoes under 80pounds. I have a wide foot and I currently for reference am now wearing Lezoline 9...
  6. Advice for backhand rubber

    So that would mean that dignics 05 is probably easier to do short touches with and i will get more quality out of it. Thank you that helps me rule out a rubber. I think i have a good enough technique and I don't need the rubber to do the work for me in terms of generating spin and power.
  7. Advice for backhand rubber

    do you boost your hurricane 3 rubber? how hard is it to get power on it? I generally can hit pretty hard. I use the 40 degree version boosted on my forehand, i tried it on my backhand, the feeling is good i think but its way way too hard to generate any power with my backhand.
  8. Advice for backhand rubber

    thank you for your response that helps. Ik technique helps in the short game but in match situation in pressure obviously short pushes are easier to do with some rubbers than others. In terms of how easy it is to do short touches, is dignics 05 better or tenergy 19?
  9. Advice for backhand rubber

    I have been thinking about getting the tenergy 19, the only two things thats holding back is the short game and how does it do on power opening against backspin. From what I have heard from reviews that the rubber doesn't do well for more powerful opening and the short game. I heard its better...
  10. Advice for backhand rubber

    I see that helps a lot thank you for your response.
  11. Advice for backhand rubber

    How many hours a week do you play? And does the rubber get worse or better after the first two weeks? And how does the trajectory difference affect you? do you open you angle when hitting more or less? I ask this because I vary the speed and spin of my shot when im looping but mainly I hit it...
  12. Advice for backhand rubber

    does anyone know the longevity of rakza Z? Also has anyone tried gewo coddex El pro 52. If so, how does it compare to hybrid k3 in general and in terms of durability?
  13. Advice for backhand rubber

    Does the tenergy 05 have more spin than BD?
  14. Advice for backhand rubber

    Some other rubbers Along side big dipper, I am also considering some other rubbers from reading reviews: Rhyzen Zgr: Seems very good overall, from looking at table tennis Gan’s review. Not sure about durabilty or punching tho. Anyone can comment on that? Rhyzen Zgx : Newer version of the Zgr...
  15. Advice for backhand rubber

    Yes, I will boost it if I get it, I use the sea-moon booster
  16. Advice for backhand rubber

    Alright, that sounds great I will check it out.
  17. Advice for backhand rubber

    Srry perhaps i am reading too much into it. But im still interested to know, how does it compare with the K3 in terms of durabiltiy, spin and power ?
  18. Advice for backhand rubber in this thread
  19. Advice for backhand rubber

    I do have a cleaner at home and i keep my rubbers clean and put a non stick plastic film on afterwards. But the k3 still doesn't last. The sponge changes quite a bit as well, so maybe something to do with that?
  20. Advice for backhand rubber

    I have not heard of that before, will see if i can find any reviews thx.