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  1. Marvellous 12 2020

    The original video from qq is smoother for me. Next up should be the last match of the day, FZD vs XX. :p
  2. Marvellous 12 2020

    You can try this
  3. Marvellous 12 2020

    XX just love to give me heart attack. First playing Franziska, then Harimoto and now LJK. I can't bear to watch the last moments of those games and cover my eyes. :cool:
  4. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Not expecting it today but my last package for 2019 was just in! Happy New Year TTD and friends !!! ;) Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC Weight : 92.7g Blade Face : 152 x 158mm Thickness : 5.95mm
  5. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Happy to see Xu Xin back to the World Rank Number 1 spot right before the year end. May not last long but enough to get me exited one more time. And then I found Stiga made an unexpected move to release a smaller than normal Penhold size called Pen Ace. Out of curiosity I went ahead and bought...
  6. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    2019 is finally coming to an end and I have seriously cut down my spending on TT as planned. Largely because there is not much release in Penhold style anyway. Still there is always something worth a mention or two during the year so here it goes. I have bought the standard Dynasty Carbon with...
  7. ITTF Korean Open 2019

    Congratulation XX for retaking the number 1 spot and winning the crowns in both Japan and Korea Open. Never thought it is not Ma Lin or Wang Hao but Chen Qi to bring the best out of him in such a short period of time. Suddenly the expensive Blue Tag Dynasty becomes a worthy buy. :rolleyes:
  8. What happened with TT11?

    Got the "Malicious Site Warning" for days and still is so I am "forced" to place my 300 euro order with Dandoy in the weekend instead. :( I can ignore the warning and go in but definitely not comfortable doing the payment at this stage.
  9. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Great buy Suga D. Your case look more serious and official which suddenly makes mine toyish. Have to get one like that in red some time. :cool:
  10. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Got some fancy Li-Ning cases to go with the Xu Xin blade. :) They have released them in different colors for top CNT players like FZD, LGY, FB, DN and of course the best looking ML in red. Each has 2 big compartments that can comfortably hold 3 rackets and more. I believe they will stop...
  11. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Most Butterfly Cpens are China market exclusive and the choice outside is highly limited. Just found two reasonably priced Cpen from Japan and can't wait to test the new Butterfly rubbers with them. I paired the Innerfiber ALC-S with T05 Hard and SK Carbon with BryceHighSpeed. ALC-S is...
  12. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Always want to wrap up my yearly collections and keeping a record here but too lazy to do so. May be a good time to start now with some recent purchases that is worth a mention. :) Many said the Donic Ovtcharov No.1 Senso is made in China and that is obvious in many ways. I see it is closer to...
  13. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    I also believe Tenergy is pretty much the best out there for the rest to follow or imitate. Sure one needs certain skills to master it and when you reach the level, it is a gem without substitute. It is about double the price of most so I really can't say it is worth it. Two rubbers can buy you...
  14. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Ah...I wish...I would say I am retired and live off early investments. But most of my spending is not on TT but wife and kids :p. And the recent surge of 4K movies and gears actually burn more than all TT combined so I hope I can managed to survive a little longer :rolleyes:. I have a habit of...
  15. My 40+ Balls and Gears

    Glad to receive it in the very last day of the year. Not ready to buy it but saw its price go crazily high in China so I suddenly thought I got a bargain! :p. Of course for the extra cash they get a wooden box, a key ring, a ball and a book to make it special, while I just get a plain and dull...
  16. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    LGY is not playing normal in the final, not even close to his "normal" by a big margin facing HT in the crucial moments. One should fight "above normal" in a situation like this when the whole team is crushed and the burden is on your shoulder, but LGY crumbled instead. That is the big problem...
  17. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    I can only hope LGY will not end up to be called Hao Shuai number 2 and got discarded. China does not need a CNT killer who lose to outsider in big tournaments. It is a long way before he can gain back LGL's trust. It is obviously too much pressure on him and he is not ready. May be even XX...
  18. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    I read that HZJ was originally using short pip on BH without much success. Then switch to LP BH to mimic Ai Fukuhara's style as a practice partner clone in CNT. To her surprise the change suits her more and start winning. So yes she play LP like a SP attacker and many top players find it awkward...
  19. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    LGY vs Harimoto tomorrow in the final. Should be exciting when you have both sides want to win it so much.
  20. World Tour Grand Finals 2018

    With FZD and LJK gone and personally took down XX, there is no excuse or even a crime for LGY to lose the title this time. :rolleyes: