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  1. Stiga Cybershape Wood Review

    thanks for the great review. well appreciated
  2. Timo Boll vs Truls Moregardh | FINAL | German Cup 2023

    so impressed with truls and his game also against gauzy it looked so so easy, gauzy had no chance in my opinion. umpredictable with unbelivable variation. even that i have the same blade like truls i cant have the same variation in my game :) by the way, just love my chybershape
  3. New Cybershape from STIGA

    huge thanks jackcerry for the reviwe well appreciated. im tempted to buy one, maybe a christmas and new years present to my self :)
  4. New Cybershape from STIGA

    hi. anyone who bought this blade and can make a reweiv or bought the cwt type of blade?
  5. New Cybershape from STIGA

    thanks for the info. excited to try it but right now im using cybershape carbon and happy with it but its always nice to try new blades.
  6. New Cybershape from STIGA

    thanks for the info. im impressed that you can find a preferable thickness of a blade. i cant do that and dont have that feeling and knwoledge. are you also that precice on rubbers as well? i wish i knew more about this.
  7. New Cybershape from STIGA

    anyone who get hands on this blade and can make a reviwe?
  8. Stiga new blade system

    this is exciting. do not see why there is complain. somehow you get 3-4 blades charateristics in one blade. it make sens if the blade is handle heavy if will feel more compact and powerful i guess. good job stiga to challlenge
  9. New Cybershape from STIGA

    is there anybody in this forum who got their hand of this blade? make a reviwe?
  10. New Cybershape from STIGA

    thanks for the info, well appreciated. personally i prefer original blades, just like i do with my phone. hope someone can share some reviwe soon.
  11. New Cybershape from STIGA

    i just saw this from stiga. this looks very interesting. i was wondering if they would follow up the cybershape carbon. it should be clever to have a pure wood blade as a compliment to the carbon version that it too fast for many. will consider to buy one, but still im very happy with the carbon...
  12. Stiga DNA Platinum Rubbers

    i found dna platinum more faster and more spinnier compared to dna pro. dna pro is a good rubber at for many levels but dna platinum is a better. i would say its worth the extra bucks.
  13. Glue for boosted rubbers

    i like to use attach glue from stiga. its a thick glue and very easy to work with and give me a great fixation to the blade. personally im not a big fan of thin glue and to glue several layers.
  14. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Review

    i have ordered from stigas website and it works ok. dont know if it might work to us but it can be worth a try as an alternative or maybe by dandoy sports webshop
  15. Stiga DNA Platinum Rubbers

    thanks for your info. i see more and more uses this rubber now
  16. What is STIGA Cybershape?

    that would be great to see
  17. What is STIGA Cybershape?

    anymore who playes with cybershape? what are your thoughts?
  18. What is STIGA Cybershape?

    i saw on stigas instagram that the hong kong women player, doo hoi kem might use it now. yes, i assume she is contracted but still a world class player.