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  1. Kim Jung Hoon Discusses a DIFFERENT approach to Chakita flips

    For one second I thought North Korea's almighty leader plays high level table tennis.
  2. Is it fair to Ma Long?

    Brodolio, One factor we all forget is that the Chinese superstars all just humans like us,after all. Not to defend their actions since I agree with you,but we don't know the amount of fatigue they go through,just to be one of the selected few who make it to the competition,let alone competing...
  3. Super Kim jun-un rubber

    Wait,so you're saying there's no company in North Korea itself capable of supplying the almighty godly leader?!
  4. Petition to Change the disgusting Camera Angle

    the whole change was like giving headache pills to a healthy person. why would you ruin that -_-
  5. Opinion: Butterfly Pros using Tenergy were playing better than using Dignics

    well,first things first,i dont think players are dumb to just change their if they did,its probably for a good reason. second thing is, these guys are pro players.its kinda weird imagining that just a change in equipment can have such a massive impact on how they play. and far as...
  6. I prefer to watch ML & FZD for the 1000th time than any other TT players

    I do enjoy watching them two play. However, after a certain amount of times,when the predictability factor comes in, the games kinda lose their fun as each player can already tell where the point is going. To me,the best rivalries are the ones that don't happen too often or never happen. It's...
  7. Dhs 301

    no wonder why im so clapped at tt. i dont even know the simplest stuff xD
  8. Dhs 301

    301 from what i know is very close to HL5 as far as characteristics. Im pretty sure it wont be easy chopping with it unless im not very well aware to the modern chopper style
  9. What football team do you support?

    been a man u fan since 08 when i was only 7 lol tough to be a man u fan nowadays with how unstable they are and how messed up woodward buys players for Ole
  10. Unusual or strange things about Hurricane Long 5x

    hl5 and hl5x definitely take some more time to get used to.I have played with other blades but hl5 was way different at the beginning(maybe because my technique was and still is horrible lol)
  11. Editorial: It's hard to know if an equipment change actually makes you better

    der echte then why is it that cnt players still play fl?just old habits or is there a science behind it in your opinion?
  12. the GOAT conversation

    So,a lot of the times,this GOAT conversation happens and people have different opinions.I think it's safe to say the 2 main guys in every GOAT conversation are Ma Long and J.O Waldner. Who do you consider the GOAT and why? Personally,i think this conversation is not fair to either...
  13. Editorial: It's hard to know if an equipment change actually makes you better

    i heavily believe it all has to do with mentality.if you believe a setup is good,then you're most probably right.and if you think it's bad,it's actually gonna make you under-perform.unless you're really using something that's way out of your style,which is a totally different conversation
  14. Editorial: It's hard to know if an equipment change actually makes you better

    i actually used to think dan is trying to sell the product whenever he reviewd something because he never gave negative feedback like that.then i realized it's most probably because dan is a very great player himself who doesnt find himself struggling to adapt to the equipment.So despite the...
  15. Editorial: It's hard to know if an equipment change actually makes you better

    im not a pro by any fact,im not even near average(like i once used to be).but there's one thing i can agree on,and that is,as long as you dont practice,even if they give you ma long's equipment,you are not gonna end up being happy with it. i used to play with the donic ovtcharov true...
  16. I am nervous at the tournament

    it't really normal to be anxious at first,because it's a whole new set of environment that you are not used to.honestly,that feeling never goes away,it just gets less and less.try to compete more and you should be fine :)
  17. The most popular blade

    who else is using dynasty besides XX?
  18. CNT's Mock Olympics

    so,just for clarification,is Ma Long gonna miss his shot for qualifying the singles event completely?
  19. DHS Hurricane 3 NEO replacement

    I'm actually so interested in your knowledge of equipments. U know so many more equipments than I've ever heard lol. (This is a shoutout!)
  20. Ovtcharov waves Donic bye-bye

    I think dima plays with some kind of innerforce blade. There are four possible blades he might have used in the donic time: Original senso carbon No.1 senso The carbon W968 Three out of the four blades I mentioned have the innerforce style(I think the original senso is an innerforce so I counted...