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  1. Austrian Open 2015

    Congrats Adrien!!! What a match!! So happy for him :)))
  2. TOKIC Bojan - KOU Lei Final Flanders Ostend Masters 2015

    BOJAN yeye BOJAN ye!! What a nice match, quality is okay, but the angle is awesome! Thanks for this upload man
  3. What do you think of the LCD table?

    They should focus on improving online viewers experience too. I really miss the commentary in this China Open 2015... + those boards which emit sound when game point is being played is stupid too, score boards should go digital. Those previously mentioned boards who have commercials on it...
  4. Excessive shouting after a point

    Sad thing in sports today (as well as in world) is that only WINNERS WRITE THE HISTORY. Sad but true, no one will remember how Hayata Ina and Hitomi Sato won the tremble... Does anyone remembers how has that young chinese guy beaten Jun Mizutani in final?!?! + besides choing, they had to do...
  5. Excessive shouting after a point

    The match itself is a fight anyway, so cho-ing is acceptable by me. I also CHO (after some points which i see as really important) in my own language, to release the stress, so i don't see anything wrong in here. TT is mental sport too, so if someone is not mentaly prepared to focus hard enough...
  6. Richard Prause talks about Plastic Ball

    Look at Ruwen Filus, he's defensive player and still he plays so good ...
  7. TT ROBOTS - Donic Robopong 540 vs Tibhar Robopro Junior

    Hehe, i'm not glad that i'm not the only one with such a problem ^^ Situation like this really sucks, but we gotta solve our problems somehow, right? ;) This youtube robot seems neat, but since i'm not such a talented DIY guy, at least not good enough to make my own robot and vouch for my DIY...
  8. TT ROBOTS - Donic Robopong 540 vs Tibhar Robopro Junior

    Hello guys, I'm "sick" of playing 2x 2h per week and even then, i have wannabe 10 min warm up with incosistent players and after that we all jump to match mode. So, i'm interested in getting better and better, and since it is impossible to get a good trainer (in my country) who would feed you...
  9. Removing glue from sponge

    I take some cloth and i pour some zippo fuel over it and start to rub the sponge with "fueled cloth" ^^. This makes removing glue from sponge much easier. For me at least :)
  10. Training videos

    U guys ROCK! Thanks for uploading these, having no coach for myself (no one in our country (my region) wants to train older players than 8-10 years) so anything simmilar will be super duper usefull to me and others! Thanks again!
  11. Used rubbers for sale (shipping from Europe)

    I have the same question as some1 before me. IS that YASAKA RAKZA 9 or 7 ? Thanks /edit/ Well, i saw now that you created another thread 1.28.2014 and u were selling rakza 7, 2,1mm so i guess i got my answer.
  12. Article: Dimitrij Ovtcharov - Player Profile

    He clearly had tenergy on his racket, take a look at Qatar 2015 final vs Samsonov video.
  13. Dimitrij Ovtcharov - Player Profile

    He clearly had tenergy on his racket, take a look at Qatar 2015 final vs Samsonov video.
  14. What football team do you support?

    NK Maribor & in Arsene i trust
  15. Yu Ziyang the new Fan Zhendong?

    If it's one point that separates 16 year old "unknown" boy from winning against Jun Mizutani in JAPAN open FINAL, then it's enough said already. He deserved this win, and that 1 point shouldn't matter, players are trained to forget whatever happens and focus. Looking forward to hear about him...
  16. Interview with Panagiotis GIONIS

    thanks again for sharing it!
  17. Win a signed blade by Waldner! (XMAS Comp 2014)

    I think there were a total of 139 successful shots that landed on the table from shots 1 to 10 in the video.
  18. Plastic balls cost more than tennis balls now.

    I've been testing / using Nittaku and Tibhar plastic balls, and they all break so easily. Really it's pure bullshit. 2-3 nittaku balls even broke after 1 min of warming up. I know that those may be dudes but still, selling people shit, me and others are moving back to celuloids. As goes for me...
  19. World Team Cup 2015

    Jun Mizutani?