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  1. Share your Racket's Photo

    the 3rd one in the above line is the Sanwei Fextra 7, isn't it? thanks
  2. Rxton 5 Pro

    Just tried out yesterday morning. Very good in forehand loop, cut and chop block good as well. I'm not a smasher so cannot validate the smash. overall for me better than loki arthur china
  3. Post your latest EJ purchase

    BlackFriday pickup from Aliexpress - Handmade Long V from Stuor - 729 Bloom Power and Arc
  4. Share your Racket's Photo

    Is it 729 Blue ALC?
  5. Aliexpress Singles Day Sale 2023

    Anyone try Sanwei HC1S?
  6. Advice please: 7-ply all-wood blade for my son

    5 ply wood - best for beginner
  7. Looking for best value for money cheap thin 7 ply blade.

    which rubbers do you guys think they will fit PG7 also? I am finding a good budget racket and bringing in my backpack when I travelling. I already had a PG7. Thanks alot!
  8. DHS fans unite!

    I just got the blade DHS Hurricane 301T. Will take some pictures and review
  9. Can you mention some seamless tt balls?

    At my club, they don't care about seamless or seamed balls. They just play with Nittaku premium balls. it has long durability, thick and evenly round.
  10. DHS fans unite!

    Neo was factory-tuned. Thats it! If you purchased the regular one, you have to boosted it by booster or Haifu glue 3-5 layers (2 for blade, 3 for rubber) unless it is just hard dead rubber and you quickly feel disappointed and sell it.
  11. My Personal Guide to Rubbers on Aliexpress

    Just received Loki Arthur China, feel like H3 neo blue, more tacky, more dwell time, more forgiving. Every stroke are very good.
  12. Bigger headsize offensive blades

    My first ever blade when I knew table tennis: Tibhar Stratus Power Wood - 158x152
  13. Next big sale on Ali?

    Any good deal of rubbers?
  14. Looking for a detailed difference between K3 and 09C?

    “You're paying for the feeling that you're gonna get the same thing everytime.” -> Yes, thosé are the consistency and durability from Butterfly rubbers
  15. Forehand rubber to choose

    FH rubbers under 50$ for me: - Rakza Z/7 - R50/R53 ~$53 - Goldarc 8 - G1
  16. Nittaku Flyatt Spin and Rigan Spin?

    welcome to
  17. A pathetic situation?

    "Beat me and you'll win $100!" - print a big carton card and bring to the club and lets see. Just joking, bro. You should go to another club. At my club, if someone sit alone for a while, the club owner will talk to him and play with him for a 3-set game, then he will collab to other to setup...
  18. [Help] Need to find 729 Rubber For Backhand

    Goldarc 5 should be best, it is from DHS but its like hybrid ESN/Chinese rubber so that it does not need to boosted.
  19. Next rubber

    Palio AK 47 series for your reference, bro. Or Loki Rxton 3,5