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  1. Need help for my Gergely Alpha

    i find that joola rhyzm is a perfect rubber for both FH and BH :)
  2. WIN signed infinity blade by Fan Zhendong!

    i think the ball is number 3
  3. Joola rhyzm

    looking to get this to replace my bluefire m2 on my FH could someone review it? i play a topspin attack game :) thanks
  4. Andro Rasant

    hi tommi just a quick question how do u find rhyzm?
  5. Re: donic bluefire m1

    thanks martin would m1 on FH and m2 on BH be a good set-up?
  6. Andro Rasant

    Is it hard or medium hard?
  7. Andro Rasant

    What's is rasant a sponge like?
  8. Re: donic bluefire m1

    hi martin thanks for that...what rubbers does it compare too?
  9. Re: donic bluefire m1

    Re: donic bluefire m1 hi everybody has anyone tried out or used bluefire m1? and if so could u give me some pros and cons about the rubber and what type of game it would suit? could u also say which rubbers it plays like? thanks
  10. Andro Rasant

    cheers dan that would be great:) when would it be up??? and hi bishop is that question aimed at me??
  11. Andro Rasant

    looking to get this rubber. could someone give me a good review on it please. anything well be much appreciated :) thanks
  12. Tenergy!! Help please!!

    tenergy 05fx is pretty similar to m2 i find may be a bit harder though
  13. Topspin attack rubbers

    yes i have heard about Tibhar evolution and that it is VERY fast....soem people have told me it is quite similar to Joola Ryhzm. is that the case?
  14. Topspin attack rubbers

    That's quite a decent weight...hmm very persuasive
  15. Topspin attack rubbers

    Ok how much does your one weigh?
  16. Topspin attack rubbers

    yes all the BF are not the lightest of rubbers....but oh well i dont really mind that are u saying the Rhyzm is quite heavy??
  17. Topspin attack rubbers

    oh ok well everyone prefers different rubbers dont they....well a hard decision to make then....hopefully other 'experts' will share their experiences with the two rubbers
  18. Ryzhm, rasant or blefire m1

    hi everyone these three rubbers have been suggested a lot to me lately to match my style of play. has anyone had experience with any of the above rubbers? any comments would be highly appreciated. thanks
  19. Topspin attack rubbers

    yehh valid point that one....what about Bluefire m1 to put on my FH do u know how that compares to rasant or rhyzm?
  20. Topspin attack rubbers

    ok thanks a lot Cornerer so would rasant suit a TB ALC blade? or would Rhyzm be the better choice