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  1. Swedish Open 2016

    Just wondering how much do the tickets cost?
  2. What makes Table Tennis a sport?

    Look at this from someone else's perspective. They could say Table Tennis is really easy to play and anyone despite their can also play the sport. Your weight also doesn't matter when playing so how is this a sport? This is what I see from someone else's perspective.
  3. What makes Table Tennis a sport?

    But at the professional level don't you have to be insanely athletic in order to compete at the top level?
  4. What makes Table Tennis a sport?

    I'm pretty sure everyone has come across this point. When you talking to someone and they say Table Tennis is not a sport. So my question is what makes table tennis a sport?
  5. Dwell time

    So is "touch" something you develop as a player or is it natural/gift?
  6. Dwell time

    How does one maximize dwell time or minimize it? Does this occur with practice, training and time? Most of the time a player would want to maximize dwell, when would a player ever want to minimize dwell time?
  7. Killing spin

    Is it possible to change spin in the short game, when both players are making it difficult to attack? If the ball has underspin and if you can it to light underspin that could pop up the ball if misread......and then the point may end. Sorry if you guys are getting annoyed with my questions, I...
  8. Killing spin

    What would add more spin on the add a tight grip or a losse grip?
  9. Killing spin

    Yeah I don't that that often but watch a lot of table tennis. Would offensive players be using this tactic against choppers? I don't really see when a offensive player would use against an other offensive player.
  10. Killing spin

    Is it true that players can kill the spin that has been imparted on the ball? If it is how would you kill underspin? Would it be with a topspin or a flat hit?
  11. Service

    You see zhang jike coming close the ball and he bends his knees. Not all players do this.
  12. Service

    Why do the Chinese come close to the ball when they are about to serve and why do some players bend their legs when they serve.
  13. Micro Adjustment

    Wish i was a professional but all i could do is dream.
  14. Micro Adjustment

    Thats ture but since someone brought it up i considered if it could be real.
  15. Micro Adjustment

    Is this true? Do professionals actually use micro adjustment? I don't see how they would be able to do this every time.
  16. Phone preference.

    What phone do you guys use. Why you like it. IOS or Andriod, which do you guys prefer.
  17. Tactics

    What are some tactics that you guys use or if you know that professionals use?
  18. Difference between forehand drive and forehand loop?

    I only watch table tennis not play.
  19. Difference between forehand drive and forehand loop?

    What is the difference between forehand drive and the forehand loop.
  20. How do you banana flick?

    Songdavid98 what do you mean my backswing might be a little to high?