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  1. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon / inner carbon

    I have recently moved to the Mima Ito Carbon, which I believe is almost indentical to the carbon outer. I agree with your analysis. It's a blade with great control and very linear and predicatable, while retaining loads of feeling in every type of shot. Great all rounder with speen when needed...
  2. Stiga Cybershape Wood Review

    Hi, thanks for the interesting review. I'm thinking of ordering this blade. My style is close to the table counter attack with a maximum amount of spin in the topspins on both wings, FH smashes and pushes and active and passive blocks. My main blade is the TSP balsa 5.5 with Donic Pro AM...
  3. New OSP Virtuoso ALC blade

    Yes indeed, temptation is infinite. Just ordered the classif OSP Off- but this looks better
  4. Donic Bluestorm Pro/Pro AM

    I have to disagree with the comments on this thread. The Donic Bluestorm Pro AM is an amazing rubber that imparts huge amounts of spin on the ball if used correctly. My services and topspins are spinnier than with Hexer Powergrip or Stiga DNA Pro, two other rubbers I love. It's perfect for my...