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  1. Any Power Pong robot users?

    Can you clarify which version of the Apple Watch tempered glass protectors you purchased? I know there have been several different designs of the apple watch, so I want to make sure i get the right ones. thanks! p.s. how are they working out?
  2. Any Power Pong robot users?

    I just got a power pong omega w/the tablet. could someone post a pic of the rails that get dirty? besides ceramic coating, would other materials work? teflon strips, etc?
  3. Best table tennis robot - Amicus prime or Power pong 5000

    I agree w/the manufacturers post though a public threat of litigation is never a good idea. I despise people that have a problem w/a product they bought for some reason or the other, are often negligent in the use or treatment of said product. then go online and complain bitterly about how awful...
  4. Mizuno Q Quality a cheap and performant tensor that matches Tenergy 05 at half price

    yep, that's currently $31.94 usd for me. I think that the sites has a lot of variability on prices due to the exchange rate. I swear that when i checket at one point, QQ was only $27ish. I guess you have to monitor/track things to make sure you are not paying too much.
  5. Mizuno Q Quality a cheap and performant tensor that matches Tenergy 05 at half price

    @Zwill, can you check the current prices on the Q1, QQ compared to what you paid? I just refreshed the pages and it seems like the price might have increases from when i checked last week. I was unable to get to the site for a few days and wonder if something changed. thanks!
  6. Forehand rubber recommendations

    Yes, the three shops i just ordered stuff from Aliexpress were BEO Store, GH Sports and Playa PingPong Store. I picked up Fextras in CS and FL, a blue Fextra for EJing purposes, a U2 in CS and an "upgraded" U2 that looked interesting. (YINHE Galaxy U2 PRO Provincial (U-2 PRO, 7 Ply Wood, 30th...
  7. Forehand rubber recommendations

    is there any guide to the Hurricane rubbers out there? i've read so many posts on h3 vs h3 new vs h3 blue sponge vs Provincial vs ?national vs 3-50, not to mention all the 8-80 and skyline variants. I was thinking of just getting the h3 neo or commercial for budgetary reasons. additionally, I...
  8. Sanwei Fextra 7

    I saw your original post w/the blue Fextra, that blade looks amazing! I'll get the Moon 12 Blue and Fextra from BEO sports/Aliexpress since they seem to have the most stock and have been around longer than goo and GH sports. I'll also pick up some RXton 1 plus as well. Where did you get the...
  9. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    thanks for the testing! looks like Med Soft is the way to go.
  10. Mizuno Q Quality a cheap and performant tensor that matches Tenergy 05 at half price

    @Zwill, thanks! i'll probably purchase 3-4 each of QQ&Q1 in BH Red 2.1 for so i have spares for later and will set up a flextra, a pg7 and a yasaka ma lin extra offensive in CP. I can then later switch out to QQ on my favorite blade of the three. Any good FH rubber at the site for the FH side...
  11. Mizuno Q Quality a cheap and performant tensor that matches Tenergy 05 at half price

    @Zwill, what sponge thickness did you buy. TT-J lists 2.1, 1.9, 1.7 for QQ and Q1, which i would be interested. This would be for "new to RPB" for offhand use, so if color matters (?red softer?) please rec which way you would go. Blade would be Sanwei Flextra or DHS PG7 5-7ply wood.
  12. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    Thanks for the reply. So, the med soft would still be good candidate for developing the RPB w/my left hand, i'm thinking. $20ish price point is good, too.
  13. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    @Tony's Table Tennis ttnpp is selling the the Medium soft (?M-) for $20. BEO Store aliexpress has the M+ &M- at $21.75. @Attitude Did you try both Med Hard and Med Soft?
  14. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    @mocker88 does not carry Vega Rubber, unless it goes by a different name. the have Xiom Vega rubber but only Tau II
  15. Sanwei Fextra 7

    @turbozed so, on Aliexpress, buy from the stores you mentioned in another thread? (BEO, GOO, GH sports, etc.)? Also, i could buy one from megaspin that would get to me fast in the US then wait for the others from aliexpress. Any recs for a good ?looping? BH rubber from the same stores that I...
  16. Sanwei Fextra 7

    If I am unable to find some affordable Fextras on Aliexpress, what would be the most affordable alternative of similar performance? I would not mind trying a DHS blade if the handle is smaller--especially for CP. I do like the Xiom offensive S, but it's $60@megaspin. Megaspin does have the...
  17. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    Is this the place to buy this rubber: or is there cheaper reputable aliexpress seller as an alternative? do not see any different sponges/thicknesses for this on ttnpp
  18. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Hello, Slightly tacking onto this thread, since this is for backhand rubber. Would these recommendations also work well for learning how to ?loop? or train a backhand using RPB? I'm suffering from tendinitis in right shoulder so wanted to train w/my left using RPB vs right hand SH. (training...
  19. Joola Golden Tango and Tango PS

    Any differences on the Golden Tango between the black and red sheets performance wise?
  20. ping pang wang store

    has anyone purchased the Battle 2 from the Panli shop? It's currently showing the price of the red as $18.66. for 38/39/40 2.1mm. Also, if anyone has bought from the Panli shop, any idea on shipping time to the US? If i have to ship DHS, i'm sure it wont be cheap and if there is a weight...