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  1. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Hello, can you post a link to the device? thanks
  2. Is Armstrong Attack 8 L easy for a training partner? (also D2, Illusion SP and Rosin)

    Thanks for your comments, I will wait a few weeks until the league ends. Or maybe I will do the change after the World veterans championships. There maybe I could talk with Ding Yi or any of the stars that will be there :)
  3. Is Armstrong Attack 8 L easy for a training partner? (also D2, Illusion SP and Rosin)

    I Moristo in the beginning, but then I had no idea about pip usage. I see in Japan is continuously the number 1. Of course Mima Ito is a star there. But not sure if most of the people use it on backhand. Not sure if for a 1 sided penholder is better SP-AX. Never tried Rosin? any opinion about it?
  4. Is Armstrong Attack 8 L easy for a training partner? (also D2, Illusion SP and Rosin)

    Hello all, I am playing right now with Victas D2 1.6 on a cpen P700. It is working good but as season is ending I wonder if continue with 1.6, go back to D2 2.0 or try another rubber. In the 1.8 I'm curious about Hallmark Illusion SP. Does anyone tried it on 1.8? I started with pips out after...
  5. Best Flat Hitting Rubber?

    I'm playing with short pips since covid, but before I was playing with Goriki Kaisoku and I liked a lot. Good for smash, good for serve, top, cut... just do nice acceleration going up or down and you will se the results. Also is easy to block forward touching the ball on the center or a bit...
  6. TSP Super spinpips 21 replacement

    I did not try the 21, but I tried a D2 max and now I'm playing with a D2 2.0. I am very happy with the D2. Note that is very hard the 3 first training sessions. Also it is more spiny the 1st training session. But on 4th it gets much more easy to manage. This I noticed on both rubbers (max and...
  7. blade suggestion for sp

    I am enjoying a lot avx p700
  8. Victas spinpips D3 0.5 weight

    Hello, I want to try Victas Spinpis D3 0.5 just to receive a few services on backhand. I am worried about the weight, as I am penholder an I do no want too much weight on the racket. Anyone knows the weight of this rubber in 0.5? Is it easy to receive serves with it? Thanks.
  9. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    Hello all, my story is: Started as shakehand (pimples in) I've seen Ryu Seung Min approx 14 years ago and decided to change to jpen. Funny, lot of footwork, nice 1 ply hinoki blades, Donic Desto F1: topspin, topspin, topspin, ... Approx. four years ago I changed to cpen to start hitting. Rutis...
  10. Recommendations for CPEN blade

    If you come from jpen then you have to think on where/how you are going to put your middle finger. In Jpen I had middle finger very extended on the center and now in cpen I am lowering it down. Last week I bought avx p700 cpen and it has some interesting things: 1. feeling reminds me 1 ply...
  11. Victas Koki Niwa Wood

    I read is almost the same as TSP/Victas Swat Power. If this is true, then here there's a nice review:
  12. Penhold LP

    Hello, do you attack with the short pimples or the mainly with the long pimples? - If you attack mainly with the long pimples, Ni Xia Liang does it and plays with regular Victas Swat. A 7 ply flexible blade is good for this. - if you attack mainly with the short pimples, then use a 7 ply a bit...