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  1. I cant find ALC fiber ANYWHERE in singapore, SOMEBODY HELP.

    Yeah definitely a fun project to be part of, do u intend to sell them to the public?
  2. I cant find ALC fiber ANYWHERE in singapore, SOMEBODY HELP.

    【淘宝】 HU9046 「乒乓底板DIY 蓝芳碳,黄芳碳混编纤维,厚度0.25mm.尺寸17×28cm」 点击链接直接打开 或者 淘宝搜索直接打开 Taobao sells ACL too, 蓝芳碳 refers to ACL while 黄芳碳 refers to ZLC/PBO in general. They also sell carbon fiber weaves of different colours like red, green and purple.
  3. I cant find ALC fiber ANYWHERE in singapore, SOMEBODY HELP.

    Is this a poly project or uni project? Seems interesting
  4. New Jinshi blades from China

    28₤kYTNWuE7aEX🔐 HU0854 我分享给你了一个超赞的内容,快来看看吧 Here is the link to their taobao online shop.
  5. What's causing China losing all these matches lately?

    I think best of 5 could be a possible reason. During ITTF era, it's best of 7 which really test the mental resilience of a player and the player with good mental resilience can make a comeback. Like the recent Macau finals, Ma Long flip a 0-3 and win with 4-3. With best of 5, games are more fast...
  6. New blade suggestion

    I think there are lots of clipper inspired blades from other brands. I think u can consider butterfly outer alc blades since shan xiaona from Germany women's team is playing with butterfly blade
  7. How well would Ma Lin do in these modern times?

    Wang hao in the 40+ era will be interesting
  8. Alternative to the stiga clipper wood and intensity.

    i think you can consider Stiga Rosewood V, find out if u have friends who use it so u can try it for urself before making the purchase. Intensity uses walnut which is considered a hardwood so it is always good to try the blade before you assume the characteristics
  9. Hugo Calderano is not using is Xiom Calderano HAL anymore

    Off topic but kudos to you for crediting where you extract the images. You are a good person
  10. Help with translation English to Chinese

    Just input the text here, this forum has plenty of helpful ppl
  11. Who are the most powerful shake FH loopers of all time?

    I think we need to define the word powerful before we vote our favorite players haha If I want to put a player out, I think Chen Qi has lots of explosiveness to his forehand loops. I would think wang liqin and ma long forehands for their consistency since they usually grind their opponent out...
  12. Need rubber recommendations for my new blade

    I think we need you to share about your level of experience and playstyle. If you feel your techniques are not very solid yet where you make easy unforced errors, I will suggest you get softer rubbers eg. ESN brand rubbers at 42-45degrees (which u can find out more in this forum). This gives...
  13. How to increase the "weight" of a powerful loops in term of both spin and speed?

    Let's go back to the main topic. Since you mentioned you can loop fast and you feel the ball isn't heavy, you definitely brush the ball more. I play frequently with my friend and I think his shots are like your's base on your description. From my experience, looping is a ratio between brushing...
  14. The blade off Wang Manyu ??

    I think it is always good to ask first, since there will be a lot of back and forth email should the desired weight is unavailable
  15. Tactics when your loop gets chopblocked

    I think you should change up the depth where your loops land on your opponent's side of the table. Chopblocking is a move that is very reliant on timing so by mixing up the rhythm of your returns, it makes your opponent more hesitant. U can do so by varying how you exert your strength. Some...
  16. Hurricane topsheet + Tenergy sponge

    I hope this post catches nittaku's attention so they can glue their h3 topsheet on Hammond z2 sponge. Might be the unicorn we all be waiting for Nittaku hurricane 3 pro turbo Z Sounds pretty cool
  17. Fastarc G1 vs Rakza 7 Sponge hardness

    I think you explained it pretty well. Ppl tend to blindly chase after power and speed and disregard margin for error/consistency. Seems like you found your balance 👍
  18. New Rubbers For Blade

    I will suggest that you invest in a custom paddle instead.(you will feel the difference) Since you played with stiga paddle, you should stick to stiga blades so you get similar play experience. Noting that prestige 5 star is a 5-ply wooden blade, I think you can consider "stiga infinity vps" or...
  19. The blade off Wang Manyu ??

    I think the guy in the video is a custom blade maker. Basically in the video, the guy explains the differences in the carbon fiber layer used. He doesn't mention how the colour of the fiber affects the performance but emphasizes more on the weaving of the fibers. The 2 light blue carbon fibers...